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We always try to offer the best prices in Europe for all the packrafting gear in our store. If you find a better deal on an Alpacka, or any of the products we offer, simply contact us and we will do our best to match the price!

Packraft Store

Welcome to Packraft Europe! We are Alpacka Raft dealers for the European Union and deliver Alpacka packrafts and packrafting equipment to any country within the EU.

In our packrafting store we provide high quality packrafts and equipment, specifically chosen for performance, durability and safety. We are passionate packrafters and have tried and tested every brand in our store and only offer the products we stand 100% behind. This is the same gear we personally use and trust. Whether you are a seasoned paddler or just learning, we want to make sure you get the best advice and gear for YOU. Contact us now for specialized service and advice. We are happy to help.

“Dear Michaela and Seon, i purchased an alpacka gnarwhal with you and i have to say: i love it.”

Daniel, Germany

“Just a few lines to tell you how very, very pleased I am with my Alpacka! (Alpacka Classic). A wonderfull boat. Easy to set up and remarkably light and stable. The cruiser deck proves to be exactly the right choice for me. Paddling the Alpacka is a great way to be on the water! Thanks for your help and advice when I purchased the boat. ”

Cor, Netherlands

Great service! Thanks!

Jouni, Finland

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We care deeply for our natural world, and believe that once someone has paddled a river or explored a wild place they will also be inspired to do what they can to help protect it.

We are passionate about protecting what few wild rivers and forests remain in the world. Although we are only a young family business we feel it is our duty to do what we can. As individuals, parents and business owners it is our responsibility to ensure future generations still have these wild places to explore. We encourage everyone to get outside, take a hike, explore a forest and paddle a river.

1% for the Planet is a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions through annual membership and everyday actions.

As members of the 1% for the planet network we pledge 1% of our total annual sales to grassroots environmental groups to help protect the rivers of Europe. Find out how you can join us in helping to protect the rivers we all love.

Packraft Whitewater Rescue Courses

Packraft Europe is the first Rescue 3 Europe training provider dedicated to and specializing in Whitewater Rescue Technician (WRT) training and certification for packrafters.

Whitewater rescue training provides the knowledge, skills and training needed to identify the risks and hazards involved in moving water and the techniques needed to help avoid these risks, to self rescue, and to help others in a rescue scenario.

Blog posts


This is Bikerafting - Tips & Video by Deane Parker

To the uninitiated, bikerafting must be the weirdest thing! A tiny inflatable raft carrying a person and a blinged out bike? Must be a bit wacko.
But Bikerafting allows more exploration, access, and ability to move through backcountry self-sufficiently all while enjoying the diverse landscapes of track and torrent or bodies of water. Start small, build up, and don’t be put off packrafts by any negative experiences you’ve had in kayaks or canoes. Packrafts are highly technical crafts that are super stable, manoeuvrable, and durable – the perfect tool for the part time paddler.
Balkan River Tour

Paddling to Protect

A packraft can give you access to the places that fuel you. And can also be a tool to protect the rivers and water systems that nourish you and nourish our earth. Right now, more than ever, those wild places need help. They need protection. They need paddle-wielding warriors.
Packrafting Sweden Nordic Roundup

Packrafting in Sweden & Nordic Roundup

As soon as we heard about the Nordic Packrafting Meet-up, we knew that we had to join. Sweden and Scandinavia provide some of the last extended wilderness areas in Europe and are therefore great places for us to go packrafting!

Our Story

We are Seon and Michaela Crockford-Laserer, outdoor enthusiasts at heart and passionate about being in nature. We are equally in love with both mountains and rivers, land and water. We came across the concept of packrafting in 2014 and we knew then that this would be a game changer.

A packraft opens up endless possibilities for exploration, adventure and new ways for us to connect with nature and each other. Our imaginations ran wild as we looked at maps and wilderness areas in a new way.

Packrafts allow us to go further, longer, and to places that would otherwise be out of reach, this is especially true now that we are a family with young children. Since we began packrafting we have paddled, hiked and biked our way through New Zealand, USA and Europe. We are now based in Gosau, a small mountain village where Michaela was born in the Salzkammergut region of the Austrian Alps.

When we first discovered packrafts, Seon (being a bit of a self confessed gear nerd) did what he always does when he discovers a new passion: Hours, days and weeks were spent researching everything there was to know about these little inflatable boats. It became clear very quickly that there was only one packraft to get if you were serious about quality, performance, durability and safety. In 2014 we bought our first Alpacka, a red Yak with a whitewater deck and cargo fly which we very quickly added thigh straps to. Needless to say we fell in love.

Before we began our packrafting store, we were very clear about why we were turning our passion into our profession. We view business as a tool, and as such we choose to use this tool to create positive change in the world. To help protect the places we love and inspire people to get outside and connect with nature.

It starts with quality. If you are far away from civilization, paddling with children or in technical whitewater you have to be able to depend on your gear. When it comes to choosing our own personal outdoor gear we refuse to compromise on quality, performance, durability or safety. We apply the same philosophy to the products we offer our customers. Quality gear is also more enjoyable to use, and lasts longer, meaning ultimately there are less resources used and less burden on our planet.

A packraft is an amazing piece of gear that makes it easier for us to reconnect with ourselves and the natural world. When we go packrafting we discover places untouched by humans, rivers that still flow wild and free, we realize too few still exist, and too many are under threat. We aim to inspire people to protect the remaining rivers and river landscapes that are still in a natural and relatively free flowing state. We use our business to raise awareness and much needed funds to support the organizations that are working hard to establish long term permanent protection of Europe's last wild and free flowing rivers.

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