The Ultralight Series is all about the essentials. Everything on the Ghost, Scout, Caribou and Refuge is carefully designed to give you only what you need for your adventure and keep weight and bulk to an absolute minimum while maintaining Alpacka’s legendary build quality and durability.

The Ghost is the lightest packraft in the Alpacka Raft lineup at 1020grams and utilizes the lightest materials and construction that will still perform on specialist missions like ultra-running, critical river crossings, and unexpected water on canyoneering expeditions. It scarifices durability to be the absolute lightest.

The Scout tips the scales at just 1.47kgs but can handle season after season of harsh conditions. Perfect for fastpacking, crossing rivers, canyoneering, and mountain lake fishing.

The Caribou is lightest full size packraft on the market at just 2.15 kgs and features Alpacka’s late rise rocker technology and custom tiedowns specifically built for bike-rafting and carrying heavy loads on the bow.

The Refuge is the lightest packraft from Alpacka Raft WITH a sprayskirt! Weighting only 2.49kgs and packing down smaller than standard size packrafts it is perfect for single, multiday and multiweek adventures when you want the lightest possible packraft with a sprayskirt to protect you from the elements and cold!