The Alpacka Whitewater series has redefined the sport of whitewater packrafting!

Imagine packrafting the classic class IV - V European whitewater rivers - The Tara, Piva, Una, Koritnica, Soca, Lammerofen, Inn, Verdon, Guille... Imagine no more. The Wolverine and Gnarwhal have proven they have what it takes to take on some of Europes most iconic and epic whitewater and in the process even blown a few kayakers minds as to what a packraft is capable of.

The Gnarwhal is the high-volume model (11.7 inch Rally Hull) and provides unmatched stability and forgiveness for developing skills, confidence and charging hard in big volume rivers.

The Wolverine is the mid-volume model (10.6 inch Rally Hull) and is the master of maneuverability, acceleration, edge control, and combat rolling in challenging whitewater.

The Gnarwhal and Wolverine each come standard with a Cargo Fly, whitewater style seating, foam backband, and patented 4-Point Thigh Straps. The Gnarwhal and Wolverine are both sized for a tight whitewater fit, so that the paddler’s knees are deeply bent in order to use the thigh straps.

The Forager is featured as a whitewater model in addition to being part of the Two Person Series, due to its stable self-bailing configuration. With two skilled paddlers the Forager can be paddled up to class IV.