Alpacka Forager at Finnish Packrafting Meet up



11.04.2019: Aurélien, France

"I just received packraft and drysuits. Everything is perfect, the packrafts are beautiful. Thank you for your speed and professionalism"


21.12.2018: Jürgen, Germany

“Forager angekommen!

Habs gerade aufgebaut: Echt ein Hammer – unglaublich wieder die Verarbeitung und die Details!

Vielen Dank für die schnelle Lieferung.”

"Forager arrived!

I just set it up, incredible again the quality of manufacturing and details!

Many thanks for the quick delivery."


14.09.2018: Gerry, Germany

“Sehr kompetent und immer ein netter Kontakt.”

"Very competent and always a nice contact."


20.08.2018: Daniel, Germany:

“Dear Michaela and Seon,

i purchased an alpacka gnarwhal with you

and i have to say: i love it.”


20.08.2018: Simon, Deutschland:

“Ich hab das Explorer 42 am Freitag bekommen  und war Samstag sofort unterwegs auf dem Ammersee bei uns in der Nähe zur Jungfernfahrt. 25 Km gepaddelt, und das Boot ist einfach toll! 

War auf jedenfall ne Top Entscheidung das Boot zu kaufen!”

"I have received the Explorer 42 on Friday and went paddling straight away on Saturday, on the Ammersee near us for inauguration. Paddled 25km and the boat is awesome!

Was for sure a great decision to buy this packraft!"


17.8.2018: Thomas, Austria:

“Noch kurz zum Forager ein Raft das seines gleichen sucht, bin begeistert.”

"Regarding the Forager - a raft that is looking for it's equal, I am thrilled."


13.08.2018: Gerhard, Austria:

“Gnarwhal – gekauft, getestet, geliebt. Ist echt ein lässiges, flottes und schönes Packraft! Im Unterschied zu meinem bisherigen Packraft ist es schnittiger und reibt sich weniger an der Wasseroberfläche.”

"Gnarwhal - bougth, tested, loved. Is a cool, fast and beautiful packraft! In contrast to my previous packraft, it is sleeker and has less friction on the surface of the water."


02.08.2018: Jouni, Finland:

“Great service! Thanks!”


02.08.2018: Iiro, Finland:

“Great and friendly service! Got my gear pretty fast.”


25.07.2018: Christian, Deutschland:

“Vielen Dank für Beratung, Pünktlichkeit und Kommunikation!”

"Many thanks for the advise, punctuality and communication!"


17.7.2018: Daniel, Austria:

“We met Seon and Michaela at their stand on the expo of the Salzkammergut Trophy. We talked for quite a while and Seon explained his bikerafting setup. We instantly liked the raft they had there and we were so stoked that it was possible to try the rafts the next day. Seon gave us an introduction to several pieces of kit and the basics of flatwater paddling. We got to try the rafts with and without bikes. It was fantastic! We are looking forward to getting our own rafts and meeting them again for their water safety training. We know we will be good hands!”


11.07.2018: Hugues, France:

“Merci pour tout, J’ai adoré votre côté humain, c’est très important à mes yeux.”

"Thank you for everything, I loved your human side, it's very important in my opinion."


22.6.2018: Katja, Finnland:

“Very professional and helpfull service.”


16.6.2018: Alessandro, France:

“The website, the reservation system and most importantly the direct contact with you guys have been perfect.”


5.6.2018: Guitor, France:

“Je recommande ils sont super pros et très sympas! Et top niveau matis.”

"I recommend them, they are very professional and nice! And top level material."


02.06.2018: Annika, Deutschland:

“Denn sie wissen was sie tun. Sehr gut ausgewählte Produkte, alles unter dem Motto safety first. Super Team, nette Leute und mega engagiert.”

"Because they know what they're doing. Very well selected products, all under the motto safety first. Super team, nice people and mega committed."


29.05.2018: Harald, Deutschland:

“Seon und Michaela haben mich nicht nur erstklassig bei der Auswahl des Packraft (ein Gnarwhal) sondern auch bei allen anderen Punkten, wie z.b. Paddel beraten. Ich habe zu jeder Zeit superschnelle Antworten und viele Tips rund um das Packrafting bekommen.

Alles war nach 4 Wochen schon da – jetzt steht der Soca Tour nichts mehr im Weg. Ein super Service der beiden – Herzlichen Dank noch einmal und ich hoffe, dass ich bald mal ‚see you on the river‘ sagen kann!”

"Seon and Michaela advised me not only on the choice of Packraft (a Gnarwhal) but also on all other points, such as paddles. At any time I got super fast answers and lots of tips about packrafting.

Everything was already there after 4 weeks - now nothing stands in the way of the Soca Tour. A great service from both of them - many thanks again and I hope that I will soon be able to say 'see you on the river'!".

28.5.2018: Patrice, France:

“J’ai aimé votre site pour son côté familial et surtout on sent bien la passion qui vous anime. Du coup, j’ai commandé chez vous.“

"I loved your site for its human feel and above all I can feel the passion that drives you”


22.05.2018, Živa, Slovenia:

“They are very willing to share the knowledge and promote fun and safety on the water. Ordering was easy and quick and I got plenty of suggestions and help regarding my gear – the one already owned and that I wanted to order.”


21.05.2018: Luis, España:

“Los propietarios son muy buena gente! Tanto en el río como fuera Seon demostró tener muchos conocimientos sobre packrafting, haciendo mucho hincapié siempre en la seguridad y teniendo mano izquierda con el grupo. Muy buena organización por su parte y por la de su mujer Michaela. Sin dudarlo iría con ellos de expedición.”

"The owners are great people! Both on and off the river Seon proved to have a lot of knowledge about packrafting, always putting a lot of emphasis on safety and having a good feeling with the group. Very good organization on his part and that of his wife Michaela. Without hesitation I would go with them on an expedition."


18.05.2018: Caj, Finland:

“Great amount of packrafting knowledge here. Web shop is awesome.”