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Here at Packraft Europe we are all passionate packrafters! We love all things packrafting, being in the outdoors and connecting with fellow & future packrafters :-)

We are happy to assist you with advice & information on all things packrafting. Just drop us a line, we are more than happy to help.


Seon Crockford-Laserer, Co-Founder
Originally from Australia, Seon grew up on sailing boats and is also a professional yacht captain. Seon has experience personally and professionally with most adventure sports and is at home within the elements of nature. At Packraft Europe, Seon answers the most technical questions, is responsible for repairs & retrofits, as well as whitewater rescue courses and custom expeditions. 

Seon Crockford-Laserer in Alpacka Wolverine packraft

His certifications include:
  • Whitewater Rescue Technician Instructor (Rescue 3 Europe),
  • IRF Raft Guide,
  • IRF Inline Raft Trip Leader,
  • NOLS Wilderness First Responder (Advanced Medical Training)


        Michaela Crockford-Laserer, Co-Founder
        Michaela is Austrian, fluent in several languages, and brings organisational talent with a degree in business administration and experience in sports marketing. She in charge of customer service, logistics and accounting. Michaela is passionate about the outdoors and raising wild kids. Most of the ideas for the families trips and expeditions come from her. She writes the Outdoorfamilyblog to inspire other families to take their kids outside and continue adventuring with them.




        Caj Koskinen, Customer Support Finland
        Caj is mostly known from his awesome Viking appearance and his peculiar sense of humor but other than that he is a passionate outdoor person and after getting his first packraft 2015 it became more like a lifestyle for him and his wife Katja. Caj is also a great photographer, blogger and You tube- videoblogger. He works as a content creator in Scandinavian Outdoor in Finland. Caj is crazy about planning adventure trips and collecting old vintage axes and fixing them. Caj has been an active member of the Nordic packrafting scene and has catered a bunch of packrafting friends around him and he is indeed very fun to be around.


        Katja Koskinen, Customer Support Finland

        This red pocket rocket is as passionate about outdoor life and packrafting as her husband. She loves long hiking and packrafting trips in the Nordic wilderness far away from civilization. Katja and Caj live in south Finland in Turku where there is not so much white water which is why they are always on the road towards north whenever possible. Katja is a florist and a gardener but she also works as a guide in the winter season.


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