Welcome to the best front and backcountry adventure boats on the planet!

The award-winning Alpacka Allround Series features three models:

The Classic is the iconic original packraft and the staple of the Alpacka lineup for 20 years—the packraft to own if you just own one.

The Expedition offers the features and performance for the dedicated packrafter that lives the dream of big adventures, but doesn’t need the extra weight and features of the Whitewater Series. The Expedition features the fast mid-volume rally hull design of the proven Wolverine whitewater model, but without the whitewater seating and fitting. Thighs straps and a whitewater footbrace can be added to the Expedition to improve performance.

The Mule XL is the load master and Alpackas largest single person packraft. The Mule is purpose built to carry big people and big loads.