Collection: PFDs / SWIMVESTS


Astral Designs makes some of the safest, most durable performance kayaking gear available. Not only are they industry leaders in the paddling world with their PFDs and footwear range they also care passionately about the environment and are committed to sustainable business practices.

As a guideline if you are paddling whitewater you will want a PFD designed for whitewater use with a minimum of 60N Buoyancy. For class 3 and above we recommend a minimum of 70N Buoyancy.

Note: Do not use your PFD as a pillow, mattress or a seat, doing so will compress the foam and reduce the buoyancy of your PFD.

The Astral Green Jacket is Astral's time tested Rescue PFD, and is the choice of Whitewater professionals and guides the world over. It weighs 1315grams and provides 70N Buoyancy.

The Astral Blue Jacket is in essence a lighter weight version of the Green Jacket, it has the same whitewater feature set as its big brother but with an option to attach a Quick Release Rescue Belt if needed. It weighs only 907 grams (without Rescue Belt) and provides 70N Buoyancy.

The Astral Willis 515 is a great lightweight PFD for those who dont need or want a Rescue PFD. It is comfortable, lightweight and provides great freedom of movement while paddling. It weighs 660grams and provides 60N Buoyancy.