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Ex Demo Alpacka Valkyrie Size M -30%

Ex Demo Alpacka Valkyrie Size M -30%

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Ex Demo only used a couple of times. Save 30%

V2 2023 Model

Size Medium, In good condition, complete with full warranty. 

Once again Alpacka Raft redefines the sport of packrafting! 

It is time to forget everything you know, or think you knew about what a packraft is capable of. Featuring low profile tubes, modern creek boat shaping, generous bow and stern rocker, and a new planing hull floor, the Valkyrie provides kayak handling in a 6kg inflatable package.

Alpackas patent-pending planing floor sits below the bottom of the tubes to create true secondary stability and control when the boat is put on edge.  Like a kayak, this allows the paddler to hold the Valkyrie on edge for crossing eddylines, boofing off drops, and cutting through features. The bow and stern rocker keep the boat high and dry and make it incredibly easy to boof over and skip out of holes and steep drops. And the speed is, well, you have to paddle it to believe it.

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