European Packrafting Meet up Soca River Slovenia



POSTPONED TO 2021 DUE TO COVID-19. April 24 - June 1 Balkan Rivers Tour 5. Sava River: Bohinj to Belgrade. 39 days. 4 countries. 1.000km of paddling. 1 River. The Sava.

The Sava River connects Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia and is incredibly rich, wild and important to the cities and towns along its length. But all of this is threatened by up to 14 new dams planned to be built on the Sava and 500 new dams planned on its tributaries. 

During the 39 days of kayaking the BRT5 will bring together locals, nature conservation organizations, kayakers, fishermen, scientists, schools, media outlets and decision makers to show how incredible and important the Sava catchment is for wildlife and local residents and how foolish it would be to destroy all that with new dams, destructive gravel extraction and dredging. 

Join and become and active part of the BRT5!


NEW DATE: September 16-20 The annual European Packrafting Meet-up & Testival is the first in Europe for the season and is held at the beautiful Soca river in Slovenia. Come and paddle Soca & Koritnica river, test different packrafts and gear, meet lots of other packrafters and enjoy a bunch of workshops and presentations!

One of the main goals for organizing this event, is to raise funds and awareness for river conservation. That's why making a donation to river conservation projects is part of the registration process for participants and supporters.

Check out our blog post from the 2019 Meet-up to see what it is about, plus photos and videos!


June 4 – 7 The Nordic countries join forces and organize the second Nordic Packraft Roundup, this time in Norway. Here is our blog post from the 1st Nordic Meet-up in Sweden, 2019.


July 6 – 10 The French Alps Packrafting Meet-up takes place at the Durance River prior to the Durance Whitewater Festival.


July 11 - 12 The Durance Whitewater Festival unites all river lovers, with kayaks, rafts, SUPs and packrafts!


November 19 - 21 The second European Rivers Summit will be held in Lisbon, Portugal.