WWTC Throw bag Pro 15 metre

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Originally designed for Kayakers, Raft Racers and Raft Guides. The Pro 15 is Light, Quick, Small and easy to handle. The waist belt fits well and doesn't get in the way while paddling. Most importantly with waist carry the throwbag is always with you even if your boat is not.

This has become our personal choice for packrafting and we never leave home without it.


  • Pro 15 Construction: 8mm 15m floating rope
  • Core: Polypropylene/Polyester
  • Cover: Polypropylene
  • Tensile Strength: cca. 10 kN (1000kg)
  • Knotted Tensile Strength: cca. 7 kN (700kg)
  • Weight: 490g / 705g including waist carry system
Add a WWTC Adjustable Flip Line Pocket:  A great add on for your WWTC waist carry throw bag, we use it to carry the flip line, this way flip line and throwbag are always on your person. Features: one hand opening, adjustable on the belt, separate Carabiner pocket for easy access, ergonomic/clean design to avoid getting caught.