TNP Rapa Carbon

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TNP Rapa Carbon offers a proven blade shape and design with durable and lightweight materials. This 4 piece paddle comes with a Vario YP Ferrule. The YP Ferrule enables quick and easy lengthening of the shaft (up to 10cm) and varying paddle angles.

Comes 200cm adjustable to 210cm as standard. Other lengths available by request.


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Weighing in at only 1080grams, the TNP Rapa Carbon is a lightweight work horse. The YP ferrule allows for length adjustment from the 200cm standard (whitewater) up to 210cm (flat water and touring). With an adjustable angle you can also quickly change the paddle angle as needed. Breakdown to 4 pieces enable easy stowing inside or outside you pack.

Blade surface area: 713cm2

Shaft diameter: 30mm


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