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Tyvek Tape

Tyvek Tape

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Tyvek® Tape is the packraft version of duct tape. It can repair everything from a pinhole to a packraft that has been shredded by a grizzly bear. Tyvek® Tape has no stretch and its acrylic adhesive bonds extremely well to our boats (too well in fact – read the Field Repair Notes) so it can hold a large tear together even if you don’t have Tenacious Tape® backing. The only things it doesn’t repair well are floors (due to their dimpled surface) and valves.  Wrap it around your paddle shaft or water bottle when you head into the field.

Uses – From pinholes to animal attacks, Tyvek® Tape will field repair almost any damage you can do to your packraft tubes in the field. Tyvek® Tape is also a very quick patch and can get you floating again in just a few minutes. However, if left on the boat for a long period of time, the adhesive will bond with the boat requiring hours of labor to remove. Our preferred method is to use Tyvek® Tape for a quick field patch on the go and then to prepare a more permanent patch in camp with Patch-N-Go, Aquaseal®, or a fabric patch with Loctite® vinyl.

Preparation – Clean and dry the repair area before applying Tyvek® Tape. If you have alcohol swabs, use them to remove any grease and oils from the area.

Application –  After cleaning and drying the affected area, peel off Tyvek® Tape to fit the patch (you need more coverage for larger holes) cut with scissors (rounded edges are helpful but not necessary) and smooth onto the boat.  The patch is instant and you can immediately reinflate and get back on the water. When handling Tyvek® Tape try to touch a single spot in the middle and avoid touching the edges.

Removal – Unless you want a permanent patch, you should remove Tyvek® Tape and replace it with a better looking patch as soon as reasonably possible but not longer than 10-days. If you are sending your boat back to us for repair, remove the Tyvek® Tape patch before shipping. We charge a minimum €25 removal fee for bonded Tyvek® Tape.

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