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Our two day Packraft Whitewater Fundamentals course is great for people who are thinking about paddling whitewater or have started paddling whitewater, or those that just want to feel more confident on rivers and moving water.

It is also a great introduction to packrafting course for people who are interested in bikerafting, as all of the knowledge and skills are required to better equip a bikerafter to face the added challenges and hazards associated with having a bicycle strapped to the front of their packraft. 

2 days 345€* on class II/III - Maximum 4 participants per 1 Instructor, Maximum participants 6. 


  • 24 to 25th June 2023, Soca River, Bovec, Slovenia | This course will be based out of Camp Liza, Bovec, Slovenia | Camp Liza, Vodenca 4, 5230 Bovec, +386 (5) 38 96 370,, | Please arrange your own reservation at the campsite, when booking let them know you are with Packraft Europe so they place you in the same area of the campground as us. 


During the course you will learn about the two core fundamentals of becoming a better paddler: River safety & rescue, and packraft paddling skills and techniques.

In the mornings we learn about river safety and rescue: River hydrology and hazards, Personal equipment, Personal rescue equipment, River running considerations, Risk assessment, River communications, What to do if your boat or gear gets pinned or stuck in the river, Whitewater swimming techniques, The benefits and dangers of a throw bag and how to use it correctly, Shallow water techniques, Best practices to reduce the risk of foot and body entrapments, How to self rescue, Flip drills, Rescue techniques to rescue others and gear.

On the afternoons we learn about packraft paddling skills and techniques: how to best set up your packraft for whitewater, correct paddling posture, how to hold a paddle correctly, paddling techniques and strokes (Efficient forward paddle strokes, Sweep strokes, Draw strokes, Ferry glides, Eddy in & Eddy out) and how to manoeuvre around the river effectively.

We also provide training drills and scenarios for you to test your skills and gain real experience on the river. 


  • Whitewater rescue and safety training. 
  • Paddling skills and technique instruction and coaching. 
  • Professional guiding and organisation.
  • Rental of Whitewater Alpacka packraft, paddle, PFD/ Swim Vest, and helmet.


  • Sport shoes that can get wet (i.e. trail runners)
  • Non cotton thermal layers to keep warm
  • Wetsuit or drysuit
  • Drinks, snacks, Lunch
  • Waterproof camera
  • Sunscreen

PARTICIPANTS: Minimum of 2, Maximum of 6 /  Maximum 4 per 1 Instructor.

This is a whitewater course, we will training and paddling on class II/III sections of river. All participants must be over the age of 18 and be confident swimmers.



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