Self Bailer Conversion

Self Bailer Conversion

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We offer self bailer retrofits for Wolverine, Gnarwhal, Classic, Expedition and Mule models.

Whitewater Series - Gnarwhal & Wolverine

For the conversion of whitewater decked Gnarwhal and Wolverine models which come with the 3/4 seat as standard we add a reinforcement fabric to the floor prior to punching the holes to convert to self bailer. Please note that we do not change the seat. Whitewater seats are 13cm high and self bailing seats are 18cm high, depending on your weight and how much gear you carry in the packraft you may wish to purchase 18cm Self Bailing seat seperately to avoid sitting in water.

Alpacka Series - Classic, Expedition & Mule

The conversion of Classic, Expedition and Mule models includes the same seating system as used in Alpackas self bailing Alpacka Series–a 3/4 length seat, an inflatable footrest, and a sleeve to hold the 3/4 length seat in place.  The seat sleeve is attached to 2-inch wide strips of fabric that is glued to the floor of your packraft and which also provide reinforcement for punching the self bailing holes.

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