C'est toujours une bonne idée de tester et de comparer différents packrafts. L'idéal est de tester à des événements. Vous pouvez trouver une liste des principaux événements de packrafting ici.

Although we are an online shop, we aim at offering the best possible customer service and therefore we also offer test packrafts. You can either contact us and meet us at or near Packraft Europe's headquarters in Gosau, Salzkammergut, Austria (about 1h drive from Salzburg).

Gosausee Packraft

Gosausee lake

Or, if you are further away, have a look at the events we attend and join us there for a test paddle! Make sure to sign up to our monthly newsletter at the bottom of this website, to hear about new events!

We are passionate packrafters ourselves and want to help you choose the best packraft & gear for your plans and needs! Get in touch, we are happy to help!