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Packrafting Courses & Rentals Germany

- Packraft Explorers: Packraft Rental & Guided Packrafting Tours. You want to try packrafting or test a specific packraft model? Our partner Packraft Explorers offers the only rental of Alpacka rafts in Germany – of course including high quality packraft equipment like paddles, life jackets and white water helmets. Test Alpacka Raft top models, delivered conveniently to your home
 with free shipping in Germany
. Part of the rental fee gets discounted when buying a packraft from Packraft Europe afterwards.

Also check out their Youtube Channel for Packrafting Tours in Germany and Austria and a few other countries in Europe!


- Land Water Adventures For a complete packraft training program from beginners to advanced in multi-day and whitewater packrafting as well as expeditions into locations like Iceland or Norway. The team at LWA is highly experienced and have been providing quality packraft training and guided multi-day expeditions since 2012. Land Water Adventures is also actively involved in river conservation and protection.

- Holger Heuber Abenteuer: Have been offering Kayak courses for many years and now also offer packrafting courses & trips on the Tiroler Ache, Salza and Soca.


Packrafting Courses & Rentals Austria

- OCT Outdoor Consulting Team: Packrafting courses on the Lammer river, Salzburgerland. Have been offering Kayaking, Rafting, Tubing and Canyoning for many years.

- Mountain Sports Zillertal: Packrafting trips on the Ziller River in Tirol.


Packrafting Courses & Rentals Finland

- Basecamp Oulanka: Packrafting courses and rentals in the center of stunning Oulanka National Park (aka Packrafters paradise).

- Hutkai (Caj & Katja Koskinen): Packrafting courses on the river Kymijoki, with different courses from beginner to advanced whitewater, as well as whitewater safety workshops.

They also offer guided trips in Finnish National Parks that range from daytrips to a weeklong wilderness trip. Packraft - Fatbike trips.


Packrafting Courses & Rentals Sweden

- Paddeln & Pedalen: From urban packrafting to wilderness - discover Göteborg and surroundings by packraft & bike (bikerafting).

- Howling Husky Adventures: Offer packrafting & camping trips on Swedish Laplands untamed river Kalix.


Packrafting Courses & Rentals Slovenia

- Terramystica Adventures: an outdoor sports company based in Soca valley, Bovec, Slovenia. White water kayaking and packrafting courses on Soca river, for all levels, as well as bikerafting, canyoning and rafting trips. The Terramystica team comes from all over the world.


Packrafting Courses & Rentals UK

- Backcountry Scot: Rental and shop. Specialists for bikepacking, packrafting and mountain gear.


Packrafting Courses & Rentals Spain

- Rowild Packraft: Rental, courses and guided tours. Based in Valencia, the Rowild team is passionate about outdoor activities, but specially about packrafting. They all share a deep sense of responsibility for nature conservation, and are aware that being in the wilderness represents a challenge. The Rowild team is composed by different professionals who are prepared to keep you safe.


- Hilo Moreno: Courses and expeditions, both in Spain and Norway. Hilo Moreno is an experienced outdoor guide who has led polar expeditions in the most extreme conditions.


Packrafting Courses & Rentals Croatia

- Raftrek Adventure Travel Croatia: Packrafting tours. Raftrek specializes in outdoor and adventure travel. Explore untouched Croatian rivers & wilderness.


Packraft Europe - B2B

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