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Retrofit Backband & Thighstraps

Retrofit Backband & Thighstraps

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Backband & Thighstrap Retrofit -

Improve your whitewater handling with installed backband and patented four-point thigh straps. Backband retrofits are available on all single model packrafts and include the installed single D-Rings and backband. Thigh strap retrofits are only available on Alpacka Series or first generation (2014-2016) Alpackalypse models.

Must be an Alpacka Series. We will not install thigh straps in Gnus, Scouts, Explorer 42, or other models.

Your boat must be clean and not have any existing self-installed hardware or glue remnants.

Please note:

  • Include a description of your packraft and your HIN# (12-digit code under the Alpacka logo – starts with ‘URA…’) in your customer notes at checkout.
  • Backbands and thighstraps used for retro fit are the pre 2022 design (as per the product photos). Due to the design and configuration the 2023 design is NOT available for retrofit.  


Note: You must clean and dry your raft prior to shipping it to us. Shipping a wet raft may cause permanent damage which is not covered under warranty. Rafts arriving dirty will be charged for cleaning at our shop rate of €60/hour.

If you have questions about whether your boat is eligible for this service please contact us. 

WARNING – Installing thigh straps in your packraft has the potential risk of serious injury and death, including but not limited to impairing your ability to exit the packraft in the event of a capsize. Consult and follow all precautions and warnings in the Alpacka Raft Owner’s Manual and Safety Warning prior to beginning your packrafting adventures.

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