Temper Assist Valve



The Alpacka Temper Assist Valve minimizes air loss while inflating and improves your ability to increase the air pressure in your packraft. It is not a true one-way valve that other inflatables may have, which requires a pump to engage the spring and allow air to pass through. The valve is a complement to the Alpacka lightweight inflation bag and to the air capacity of your lungs or mini pump.

How the valve works:

  • To inflate, turn the blue dial counterclockwise to the closed position and thread the inflation bag onto the valve.
  • While using the inflation bag, the internal flap will close and prevent air loss as you near capacity. The flap will not engage until there is enough internal pressure to push against the flap. Remove the inflation bag after you have added as much air as you can with it. A hiss of air may still escape at this point.
  • Inflate directly into the valve by mouth or mini pump until you have added enough pressure to make the tubes of your boat firm. Thread the valve cap onto the valve to make an air tight seal. Before you launch, temper your boat in the water and add air until the pressure stabilizes, this may take a few times depending upon water temperature and the volume of your boat.
  • To deflate, turn the blue dial clockwise to the open position to release air.
  • Store your boat with the valve in the counterclockwise closed position. This will release the pressure on the flap and prevent it from creating a memory from the open position.

For more information, check out our How To Inflate Your Packraft video on our Product Manuals page.