Alpacka Raft created the modern packraft, they have been producing packrafts for over 20 years. They are the original and still the best.

Tried and tested in the most extreme expeditions around the world. Quality, Performance, Durability, Safety, no other packraft comes close to an Alpacka. Alpacka Raft's bottom line is driven by passion, dedication to design, innovation, and creating the best packrafts available. Period.

Innovation: Alpacka is dedicated to innovation and creating the best packrafts on the planet. As a result they remain the industry leaders in packraft innovation and design. They are often copied and many of the designs and innovations you see on other packrafts originated from Alpacka: from the classic hull shape to the waterproof zippered cargo fly for internal gear storage, the list goes on.

Sizes, Configurations & Color: There are not only different models to choose the perfect packraft for every need, but also different sizes and configurations, so that the raft fits the size of the paddler perfectly. Open, Self Bailer, Removable Whitewater Deck and Whitewater Deck are the main configuration options. For those who want a truly unique raft, there is the custom lab where you can build the boat of your dreams. For somebody new to packrafing, that's a lot to think about, but we are happy to help!

Quality & Durability: We love Patagonias slogan of "Repair-Reuse-Recycle". We would add a 4th line: “Buy Quality”. If you have to buy something new, buy the highest quality available. High quality products are not only more pleasurable to use they are also better for the environment since they are more durable they remain in use for a longer period of time thus reducing the need to produce more.

All Alpacka packrafts are hand crafted by Alpacka Raft in Mancos, Colorado, USA, with highest standards for material and production. Every raft is inspected and tested before shipment by the highly skilled craftsmen and women of Alpacka Raft, most of them being packrafters themselves.

Alpacka offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty: Most other brands offer up to 3 years and that’s probably for a reason. There are Alpacka packrafts still in use that are almost 20 years old. Alpacka packrafts also hold their second hand value and if one of their packrafts really is beyond re-sale, it can be shipped back to us or the Alpacka factory to be repaired and donated for use by schools and conservation projects.

Alpacka and the environment: Alpacka Raft is committed to reducing their environmental impact now and for future generations to come. Packraft manufacturing impacts the environment because packrafts are built from petroleum based raw materials and shipped around the globe. But the amount of impact can vary widely based on the materials and manufacturing used. Alpacka Raft is the industry leader in all social and environmental practices, which include:

  • Made in USA manufacturing, which creates higher paying jobs in outdoor communities with higher environmental and worker standards than manufacturing in Asia
  • Made in USA polyurethane laminated fabrics, which have higher environmental and quality standards than similar materials sourced in Asia. Alpacka never uses PVC due to its environmental and health impacts
  • VOC Free acetone based adhesives.  VOC adhesives have significant health and environmental impacts.
  • Premium equipment (eg. cnc cutters, seamtaping equipment, fully vented adhesive rooms) to reduce material waste and energy use
  • Use of solar energy to reduce coal and petroleum based power in the manufacturing process
  • Use of energy efficient lighting products throughout office and manufacturing facility
  • Commitment to sourcing US made raw materials, where possible, to further reduce carbon footprint and support other US manufacturers
  • Continuously working to cut down on packaging, single use plastic, boxes, and printed materials such as hang tags, instruction manuals, etc.
  • Passive heating options utilized in new construction
  • Recycling of aluminum, plastic, glass, mixed paper and cardboard
  • Encouraging employees to use the office compost for biodegradable matter
  • Reducing consumption of single use plastic containers by re-filling cleaning supplies and other office products like hand soap, lotion, and dish soap
  • Alpacka provided re-useable coffee mugs for staff to borrow when visiting the local coffee shop
  • Alpacka provided Tupperware and silverware staff can take
  • Recycling all outdoor industry related media and magazines to the local public library so they can get a second read

Conservation: Both Alpacka Raft and Packraft Europe care deeply for the environment and both dedicate funds and time to environmental causes. Alpacka Raft not only supports American conservation efforts but also local initiatives in other countries, for example Alpacka Raft supports Balkan River Defence who are working to protect some of the last free flowing rivers in Europe. Here at Packraft Europe we passionate about protecting the river ecosystems we love and actively work to raise funds and awarenes for river protection and conservation.

Last but not least, buying a packraft leaves a footprint, that’s true. But it also leaves a mark in the life of their users. It is a fantastic tool to explore nature and get outside, and this hopefully motivates everybody to make choices that help protect the environment and our planet.