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Heavy Duty Spray Skirt

Heavy Duty Spray Skirt

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Only available for a limited time and limited quantity!  Please only order if you already have or will be ordering an Alpacka Valkyrie. While this sprayskirt will fit all Whitewater Decked packrafts from 2017 onwards it was designed and is intended for use with the Alpacka Valkyrie. 

The Alpacka Raft HD Skirt is dryer, more secure and more durable than the regular ultralight skirt. Made with a sized neoprene tunnel, heavy duty nylon deck, and neoprene corners with elastic to fit over your Alpacka Raft spraydeck, this new skirt is top notch and will be loved by whitewater fanatics of all kinds. The HD Skirt is compatible with all 2017 and later whitewater and removable whitewater decks and optimized for 2022 and later decks. 

Only available for a limited time. Please only order if you have or will be ordering an Alpacka Valkyrie

Whether you are running more intense whitewater or beating up your ultralight skirts on roadside and drive up runs, this is a big upgrade to you. If you focus on backcountry trips with easier whitewater, or you want a skirt that's easy to put on and take off, you'll probably still prefer the standard ultralight skirt.

Important Removal Note: Removing the skirt in a controlled exit is a bit different, so please watch our tutorial on wet exits vs. controlled exits when using the HD Skirt. Removing by grabbing the neoprene corner from the side will save your coaming in the long run during controlled exits. Wet exits are easy either by grabbing the handle or just pushing away from the sides of the boat with your hands.

The HD Skirt takes a bit longer to get through production. So please bear with us. We are releasing skirts as we make them, so if you don't see your size keep checking back, it will be back in stock soon. 

Small = waist size 28-30in / 71-76cm
Medium = waist size 30-33in / 76-84cm
Large = waist size 33-36in / 84-92cm
X-Large = waist size 36-40in / 92-102cm

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