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Helaplast PU Adhesive & RFE Hardner

Helaplast PU Adhesive & RFE Hardner

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Polyurethane Contact Adhesive and Hardner for use in repairs and gluing attachements to your packraft. 

1x Tube Helaplast (50ml (enough for about 8 tie downs).

1x Bottle RFE accelerator/ hardner  (10ml)

Use: 2 part, Long lasting, high strength PVC and Polyurethane glue for packraft repairs and gluing attachments on your packraft. Also has good adhesion to various products made of plastic, rubber, metal, textile, leather, wood and similar materials, together and one to another. By adding the binding material ELASTOSAL Hardener RFE, the gluingfirmness, the resistance against heat, emollients and dampness and the adherence can be significantly improved.

Technical data:

  • Base:polyurethane
  • Colour:colourless
  • Spissitude:0,85 g/m3
  • Viscosity:about 2500 mPa s
  • Hardener:ELASTOSAL RFE
  • Diluent/Cleaner:ELASTOSAL Lösit MEK
  • Application meansl:Brush, spatula
  • Consumption per coat:about 150-200 g/m2
  • Setting time:1 -3 min
  • Open time:min.2 hours
  • Ready for use after:about 24 hours
  • Final hardening after:about 48 hours
  • Storage:min. 12months
  • Stocking:dry, cool, frost free
Preparation and USE:
  • Operation:1. Surface Pre-treatment:The surfaces to be bound must be clean, dry, free of fat and oil. Packrafts need to be clean and dry and the surface to be bonded washed with a cleaner (ELASTOSAL Lösit MEK (MEK cleaner ) and left for drying. Whenever possible, surfaces should be slightly roughned (lightly sand with 120grit sandpaper) and totally dust free. *For best results, lightly sand the area to be glued, and use a brush to apply 2 coats of MEK, within 1-2 mins of applying the 2nd coat fof MEK apply the first coat of glue.
  • Mix ratio: HELAPLAST: ELASTOSAL Hardener RFE = 100 : 5 parts by weight. The duration of use (open time) of the compound is at least 2 hours with packing as closed as possible.
  • Application and drying: Preferably 2-3 coatings. Apply a thin, even coat on both surfaces to be bound.
  • Drying: Variant 1 (preferred for maximum bonded strength): Let both coats dry out (each time about 10-30min.). Then join both surfaces and apply heat by means of hot air (at about 60°-70°C (Do NOT heat above too hot to touch) then use a roller or similar to apply pressure to the bonded area.  The waiting time before bonding and reactivating should not exceed 4 hours.
  • Variant 2: Let the first coat dry completely (about 30 min.). Let the last coat dry only shortly (about 1 –3 min) so that it is still somewhat wet before joining. If it is completely dry the coat can be reactivated by supply of hot air. Put both surfaces exactly together and join them with high pressure (for i. with a roller or a hammer). Furthermore it is important that the surfaces have full contact one to the other.
  • Warning: The adhesive swells at low temperature (< 10°C) but is fit for use again when warmed up at normal room temperature! The best working conditions are at 15-25°C and 30-75 % relative humidity.In case of bad weather conditions such as cold, rain and heavy sun, normal working conditions have to be restored by means of protections such as a provisory roof, hot air supply etc.
  • Operators protection: Take note of the danger warnings and follow the security advice on the packaging! Request the “Security Data sheet”!

Dispose of any unused product responsibly, let dry completely before disposing. Product it is hazardous to human and biological life. It is especially harmful to aquatic life.

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