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Replacement Seats and Backrests

Replacement Seats and Backrests

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Replacement seats for all Alpacka Series models, including standard seat, seat back, and self bailer seats and foot rests.  If you are looking to purchase a replacement foam backband you can find those here – please choose Option 1.

Replacement seats for all Alpacka Series models:

  • Standard Seat Bottom w/Toggle – Our standard three baffle seat bottom that fills the back third of the boat and comes standard on the Alpacka Series Classic and Caribou. Attaches via a toggle on the floor of the boat..
  • Universal Seat Bottom w/Ties & Toggle – Alpacka standard three baffle seat bottom that fills the back third of the boat. Has both the toggle and seat tabs attached. Choose this one if you aren’t sure exactly what seat fits in your boat.
    • Note – 2016 and prior year boats have 4 mounting tabs, while the 2017 and later model years have two mounting tabs. This seat comes with 2 mounting tabs that match the current models, but is compatible with the forward mounting tabs on all prior years.
  • Inflatable Backrest – Lumbar support pillow that attaches with the included webbing straps and tri-glides to the two strap plates in the stern. 54 grams.
  • Self Bailer Seats – Our self bailer seats are a two part system, with a 3/4 length main seat available in four sizes (Small, Medium, Large, XL) and an inflatable foot rest. You must add these as two separate items to your cart if you need to replace both.
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