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Whitewater Foot Brace

Whitewater Foot Brace

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Alpacka’s simple inflatable whitewater foot brace is the perfect addition for shortening up your cockpit and providing control in whitewater and/or when using thigh straps.


Add Webbing Attachment Loop

  • 2019 WW Footbrace: Toggle and D-Ring attachment fits 2019 and newer Whitewater Series (Gnarwhal and Wolverine) model. 
  • Pre 2018 WW Footbrace: Fits 2018 and earlier model packrafts with the Red webbing preinstalled loop.

Like an ultralight and packable version of kayak foot pegs, Alpacka’s inflatable whitewater foot brace maximizes control when paddling whitewater, rolling, and using thigh straps. However, it is also a great option for shortening up your cockpit length for better control and fit in all of Alpacka’s packrafts.

The Pre 2018 WW Footbrace is secured in place with a heavy duty aluminum hook that attaches to a red webbing loop, the 2019 WW Footbrace is secured in place with a Toggle and D-Ring attachment installed on the floor of the packraft that keeps it from falling out during swims.

Add an self installed attachment loop for securing the foot brace to the floor of your packraft. This loop is preinstalled on all 2017 Alpacka Series and Whitewater Series models (Red webbing loop) and is also preinstalled on 2021 Wolverrine, Gnarwhal and Expediton models.

The whitewater foot brace comes standard on all Whitewater Series models and all 2017/18 Alpacka Series models include the webbing attachment (Red Webbing) for attaching the foot brace. For all other prior models, you will need to add the attachment loop and glue it into your floor. You can find the floor toggle here:  

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