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ENNAKKOTILAUS - V3 2024 Alpacka Valkyrie - Kajakkimelojan packraft

ENNAKKOTILAUS - V3 2024 Alpacka Valkyrie - Kajakkimelojan packraft

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Ennakkotilaa 2024 Alpacka Valkyrie, kolmas versio ja saa 10% alennus. Tämä on myös ainoa vaihtoehto varmistaam että saat tilattua tämän mallin vuonna 2024. Vuoden 2024 mallisto on rajoitettu ja malleissa saattaa olla hinnankorotuksia.

Lähetetään maaliskuussa 2024, ilmainen postitus. Sisältää myös tullimaksut ja arvonlisäveron.

HUOM! Saatavana vain Syyskuussa 2023.

2024 V3 Väri voi vaihtua, kuvissa on vuoden 2023 V2 malli.

Once again Alpacka Raft redefines the sport of packrafting! It is time to forget everything you know, or think you knew about what a packraft is capable of. Featuring low profile tubes, modern creek boat shaping, generous bow and stern rocker, and a new planing hull floor, the Valkyrie provides kayak handling in a 6kg inflatable package.

Alpackas patent-pending planing floor sits below the bottom of the tubes to create true secondary stability and control when the boat is put on edge.  Like a kayak, this allows the paddler to hold the Valkyrie on edge for crossing eddylines, boofing off drops, and cutting through features. The bow and stern rocker keep the boat high and dry and make it incredibly easy to boof over and skip out of holes and steep drops. And the speed is, well, you have to paddle it to believe it.

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The Alpacka Valkyrie is designed for both skilled whitewater kayakers looking for a backcountry and travel boat and also developing paddlers looking to improve kayak skills in a more forgiving and easier to carry package.

If you are a kayaker who is packraft curious or tired of lugging a 20kg + plastic hardshell on your shoulder into the backcountry, the Valkyrie is the boat you’ve been waiting for.

It is also a great boat for the experienced packrafter looking to step up their whitewater game or anyone who wants to develop kayak skills in a forgiving and easy to store and travel package.


MANUFACTURING: Hand made by Alpacka Raft, in Colorado, USA

SHAPE: Patent Pending Valkyrie Planing Hull

DIAMETER: 9-inch

VALVE: Temper assist valve for inflation and deflation

ATTACHMENTS: 2 Bow D-Rings, 2 Stern Handles, 1 Stern D-Ring, 2 Offset Thigh Strap D-Rings, 2 Ankle Loops, 3 Multi-Slot Strap Plates, 2 Seat Ties, 4 Floor Retention D-Rings

SEATING & RIGGING: Valkyrie Inflatable Floor, Valkyrie Tie-In Seat, WW Footbrace, Adjustable Foam Backband, Patented 4-point Thigh Straps, Floor Retention Straps


CARGO FLY: Standard (Small Internal Dry Bags sold separately)

MATERIALS: Proprietary 420-denier nylon hull and 840-denier nylon floor

INCLUDES: One-piece PEX Coaming, Inflation Bag, Stuff Sack, and Basic Repair Kit, T Zip lube is included with boats that come with a Cargo Fly.


RECOMMENDED GEAR: HD Spray Skirt, Small Internal Dry Bags, Alpacka Pack-A-Pump


WHITEWATER DECK: The Valkyrie comes standard with the Whitewater Deck, which provides the highest performance in whitewater. The deck keeps the boat dry so it can maintain speed through features. The Whitewater Deck features a large kayak style cockpit and includes a one-piece PEX coaming. A spray skirt is not included. We recommend the HD Spray Skirt for performance.

CARGO FLY: A standard option on the Valkyrie, the Cargo Fly is the ultimate packraft gear storage solution. It features an airtight zipper installed in the stern of the boat to allow you to load your gear inside the tubes. The system provides drier and more secure gear storage and improved paddling performance due to a lower center of gravity. The Cargo Fly is perfect for expeditions, whitewater performance, and keeping your gear dry in any conditions.

Small Internal Dry Bags may be purchased separately and are designed to work with the Cargo Fly system. The bags clip in place along each side of the tubes with a side release buckle and allow for better organization and weight balance than placing the contents of your pack loose inside the Cargo Fly. They also act as additional balanced air chambers to make it easier to get to shore in the event of a puncture.


The specifications below shows our recommended size based on your height. The Valkyrie is a longer internally than the same size of our other whitewater packrafts, which maximizes overall length and speed. This results in a slightly less aggressive knee bend, but is a more comfortable and higher performance fit. Paddlers over 6'3" or under 5'4" may have trouble getting a good fit. Similarly, paddlers over 220lbs may find that the overall volume of the boat is too low to carry multi-day gear. The large size is optimized for a 6'0" paddler and the medium is optimized for a 5'8" paddler. Paddlers in the 5'9"-5'10" range should be able to size up or down depending on whether they prefer a tighter/looser fit or a shorter/longer boat. Contact us for advice!

Paddler Height - 160-175cm
Exterior Length - 257cm
Exterior Width - 79cm
Interior Length - 119cm
Width at Hips - 36cm
Weight* - 6.2kg
Paddler Weight*** - 78kg
Cargo Capacity*** - 20kg

Paddler Height - 175-190cm
Exterior Length - 264cm
Exterior Width - 79cm
Interior Length - 127cm
Width at Hips - 36cm
Weight* - 6.3kg
Paddler Weight*** - 90kg
Cargo Capacity*** - 23.5kg

*Weight includes all components except inflation bag, repair kit, spray skirt and internal dry bags for Cargo Fly.

**Packed size is a reference measurement based on folding each lengthwise edge of the boat to the center and rolling from the bow. There are many other methods of rolling and folding the boats that will result in a different packed size that may be more or less efficient for packing depending on the situation.

***The Valkyrie is a performance whitewater boat and does not have a maximum capacity as this will change based on water conditions and cargo capacity is more important than paddler weight up to a point. Paddlers of all weights up to 230lbs should experience maximum performance with 10-25lbs of cargo. Above 25 pounds of cargo will progressively impact responsiveness up to the capacity max. Paddlers heavier than 200lbs may notice additional performance decreases with more than 25 pounds of cargo. So pack light when you want to run harder whitewater.

Note: Topping off the Valkyrie V3 with the Pack-A-Pump will be imperative for performance. (see the "in detail" video above for specific instructions on topping off the Valkyrie V3)