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Extra Tiedowns (Retro Fit)

Extra Tiedowns (Retro Fit)

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Extra Tie Downs ( Retro Fit) – Grab Loops, Strap Plates, and Bike Tie Downs.

We can customize your boat with additional tie downs for specialized packing options, like carrying bikes or adding a stern grab line. Contact us to book all retro fits.

  • Grab Loops – A 3/4-inch nylon webbing loop bar tacked to a 3-inch diameter base. All boats except the Scout and Forager come standard with 4 bow grab loops and 2 stern grab loops.
  • Strap Plates – A heavy duty 3-inch diameter fabric circle with two 1″ slots that you can thread straps through.  Strap plates are low profile and great for securing bikes, skis, fly rod cases, etc.
  • Lightweight Carrying Handles – Add a carry handle to your Alpacka Series.
  • Single D Ring -
  • Double D Ring -


NOTE: All items are sold as single items and include instalation, be sure to order the correct quantity you require.

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