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Bike Strap Kit / Tie Down Straps x4

Bike Strap Kit / Tie Down Straps x4

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Super tough and flexible, even at cold temperatures, G3 Tension Straps are the best strap we have found for attaching your bike or equipment to your packraft. You can also use them for holding skis together ;)  An essential mulituse lightweight accessory for packrafting and adventuring.

Our Universal Bike Strap kit includes 4x 65cm straps, which work great for fat bikes and standard sized bikes. Attach your bike to the front of the Caribou using the strap plates, or you can also use them on all Alpacka boats with bow tie downs. 

We recommend placing the bike on the bow with the fork on the right and facing towards the stern, and the front wheel removed (rear wheel removal is optional). Use the one strap to secure the chainstays and the rear wheel, and the rest for the other attachment points. The front wheel can be secured with a webbing or similar strap. The 65cm strap is also great for securing your rolled up packraft when you hit the trail.


  • 4x Straps 65cm G3 Straps
  • Lightweight
  • Durable fibreglass-filled nylon buckle
  • Cold temperature polyurethane strap = Flexible & stong in wide termperature range
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