Kokoelma: CUSTOM & EX DEMO

Seasons and colours change but an Alpacka Packraft is perenial. Here you will find a selection of custom colours and models as well as Ex Demo packrafts.

Alpacka Raft created the modern packraft, they have been producing packrafts for over 20 years. They are the first, the original and still the best.

With 20 years of passion dedicated to creating the most innovative premium packrafts available Alpacka remain the world leaders in packrafting innovation. Tried and tested in the most extreme expeditions around the world. Performance, Durability, Safety, no other packraft comes close to an Alpacka. All Alpacka packrafts are hand crafted at Alpacka Raft in Mancos, Colorado, USA.

Alpacka Raft's bottom line is driven by passion, dedication to design, innovation, and creating the best packrafts available. Period.

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