Save the Blue Heart of Europe

Save the Blue Heart of Europe

We care deeply for our natural world, and believe that once someone has paddled a river or explored a wild place they will also be inspired to do what they can to help protect it.

We are passionate about protecting what few wild rivers and forests remain in the world. Although we are only a young family we feel it is our duty to do what we can. As parents and individuals it is our responsibility to ensure our kids still have these wild places to explore. We encourage everyone to get outside, take a hike, explore a forest and paddle a river. Once you experience for yourself the true wealth of nature you will also want to protect and care for it.

We pledge 1% of all turnover to protecting the rivers of Europe.

For more information on how you can help protect the rivers of Europe:

1% for the Planet

Save the Blue Heart of Europe

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“His own declared mission is to elevate and to celebrate nature which he says we have stupidly pushed to the periphery of culture. Nature is 4.5 billion years ahead of us in its research and development about how to live on this planet, so doing things the way nature does it is a good idea” David de Rothschild