WRT-F, 31 May 2020, Salza River, Austria


Incl. VAT

This course will be based out of Camping Wildalpen, Austria.

Accommodation –

You will be responsible for finding your own accommodation for the course. The course will be run at Camping Wildalpen on Salza River right.

Camping Wildalpen
Hinterwildalpen 46, 8924 Wildalpen
Tel: + 43 (0) 3636 342
E-Mail: info@camping-wildalpen.at
Internet: www.camping-wildalpen.at

The Wildwasserzentrum Campground just opposite on river left also offers rooms and apartments.

Food and meals:
You will be responsible for providing your own lunch and meals on the course, there are restaurants and a grocery shop nearby within walking distance, however it is a good idea to bring a packed lunch and some snacks to eat during the day.

Course schedule:
The course will start at 0800hrs.

What to bring:
We will be swimming a lot. Please come suitably equipped with a good wetsuit or drysuit. You will also need to suitable footwear, a whitewater helmet and a Rescue PFD with a releasable chest harness. Please also bring any throwbags and rescue equipment you use when normally out on the river.

Rescue 3 Instructors:
Seon Crockford-Laserer from Packraft Europe will be the Rescue 3 instructor for this course.

Once you have completed the course your WRT will be valid for 3 years. Packraft Europe and Rescue 3 Europe head office will keep a record of your award. You will be able to re certify your award after 3 years at a discounted rate.