VE Creeker Glass Blades on a Straight Black Glass Shaft 200-210cm


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The VE Creeker whitewater kayak paddle blade is designed to be a great all-round paddle that is smooth and well balanced. This is our paddle of choice for performance and durability. We have been using this as our go to paddle for packrafting for over a year and it continues to impress. This is quite possibly the highest performance, highest quality, most durable packrafting paddle available… and it only weighs 1190grams.

The glass blade are tough and hardwearing and are great match for those paddling on harsh rocky rivers and those who are still learning.

Available as a 4 piece paddle with 10cm adjustable length and adjustable angle. The straight glass shaft offers a nice flexible set up which is easy on the body and forgiving – this will suit the majority of packrafters.

Comes standard, 4 piece adjustable 200cm to 210cm. Other lengths, blade sizes,  available by request. Contact us for personalized advice on paddle choice and length.

  • Blade surface area: 700cm3
  • Shaft diameter: 30.6mm
  • Length: 200cm to 210cm
  • Weight: 1190grams

The blades area is neutrally aligned either side of the dihedral with the area being well distributed along both the length and width of the blade. This suits a wide range of paddlers from beginners, to river runners, hardcore creek boaters and those paddling ‘day in and day out’ working in the kayak industry.

The Creeker kayak paddle blade suites longer lengths needed in packrafting.

VE Paddles are made in Britain and come with a 1 year warranty against manufactured defects. Every set of VE paddles are made by hand for you!