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TNP Aker - 2 Piece, Adjustable 200-210cm

TNP Aker - 2 Piece, Adjustable 200-210cm

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The TNP Aker is a high performance paddle for paddlers that demand and expect the very best from their paddles.

The blade delivers surprising power for its size, it is precise, predictable and damn near bombproof. Get more power and precision from your forward stroke and braces. 
This 2 piece paddle comes with a Vario YP Ferrule. The YP Ferrule enables quick and easy lengthening of the shaft (up to 10cm) and varying paddle angles (whitewater, flat water and touring).

The only downside is the weight, is comes in a little heavier than most paddles, however given the performance and long term durability we feel the extra weight is a worth it.

  • Blade surface area: 705cm2
  • Shaft diameter: 30mm
  • 2 piece, feather and length adjustable 200-210cm.
  • Fibreglass shaft for a more forgiving paddle shaft.
  • Weight: 1100grams
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