Replacement Seats – Discontinued Models


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The most common seat replacements for discontinued models. Most of these seats have been replaced with better performing options which you can use to upgrade your older boat (link here). Please contact us if what you are looking for is not listed.

  • Horsehoe Seat Bottom – Horseshoe shaped seat bottom that was included standard on all Alpacka Raft Series (Alpaca, Yak, Llama, Mule) prior to 2016. We recommend upgrading to the Standard Seat Bottom for any replacements.
  • Horseshoe Complete Seat – Adds a horseshoe shaped seat back to the old style horseshoe seat bottom.
  • Explorer Seat – Combines a seat bottom that is similar, but slightly smaller than, our Standard Seat Bottom with a horseshoe shaped seat back. This seat used to be popular as an add-on to the horseshoe seat bottom on our standard Alpacka Raft Series Boats. However, this is not necessary with the standard seat bottom and we recommend that you at least try the standard seat bottom before ordering an Explorer Seat.