Kober S Power - 4 Piece Canoe paddle, Adjustable 145-155cm (Limited)


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The Kober S Power 3 Piece was specifically made by Kober for the needs of packrafting. This is a state-of-the-art whitewater and touring paddle with an extraordinary durable spooned blade. Gentle movement in the water caused by the tracking-fin. Best protection against wear and pinning due to its reinforced tip. The flexing oval glass-epoxi shaft feels pleasant in your hands. Also freestyle specialists swear by it.

  • Kober quality and perfomance, solid and reliable
  • Laminated fibreglass blades with proven blade shape
  • 3 piece, length adjustable 145-155cm
  • Fibreglass shaft for a more forgiving paddle shaft
  • Equal length blade and shafts pieces means easier to packing when broken down.
  • Weight: 835grams

The Kober S Power is the great breakdown packrafting canoe paddle with the perfect balance between weight, performance and durability.