Kober Lemon GFK - 4 Piece, Adjustable 200-210cm


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The Kober Lemon 4 piece was specifically made by Kober for the needs of packrafting. This agile white water paddle features a foam core and mid-sized paddle blades that allow for a comfortable paddling experience. The fibreglass construction of both blade and shaft gives a flexible feel and low weight, the blade also features a stabilizing rib and reinforced tip.

With length and feather angle adjustable it also makes a great paddle for lakes and flat water touring.

  • Kober quality and perfomance, solid and reliable
  • Laminated fibreglass blades with proven blade shape
  • 4 piece, feather and length adjustable 200-210cm
  • Fibreglass shaft for a more forgiving paddle shaft
  • Equal length blade and shafts pieces means easier to packing when broken down into 4 pieces
  • Weight: 1020grams

The Kober Lemon is the ideal packrafting paddle with the perfect balance between weight, performance and durability. This is destined to become a classic paddle for packrafting.

NEW for 2020: All our Kober 4 piece packrafting paddles can be converted to 2x Canoe Style paddles with the addtion of the Kober Canoe T Grip set.