Kober Carbon Scorpion Evolution EFC- 4 Piece, Adjustable 200-210cm

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It doesn't get more high performance than this. The Scorpion Evolution EFC is a high end paddle for paddlers that demand and expect the very best from their paddles.

The blade delivers surprising power for its size, it is precise, predictable and damn near bombproof. Get more power and precision from your forward stroke and get ready for some air, with good paddling technique this paddle loads up and boofs like no other.
A new and improved version of Kobers prize winning high end white water paddle with a foam core and hydrodynamic blade shape. It's exceptional characteristics include easy handling, high inherent buoyancy and a shape that allows for powerful and precise paddle strokes make the Scorpion a favourite among top paddlers. 
It comes standard with:
  • Kobers super strong and robust Dynel® edge, for unrivalled edge durabilty.
  • Carbon Blades with Foam Core
  • 4 piece, feather and length adjustable 200-210cm
  • Fibreglass shaft for a more forgiving paddle shaft
  • Equal length blade and shafts pieces means easier to packing when broken down into 2 pieces
  • Weight 1180grams.

The only downside is the weight, is comes in a little heavier than most paddles, however given the performance and long term durability we feel the extra weight is a worth it.