IRF Whitewater Guide Assesment - (Category A) Packraft: 10,11th September, Salza River, Wildalpen, Austria.

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This course will be based out of Camp Naturfreunde Wildwasserzentrum Wildalpen, Austria.

You will be responsible for finding your own accommodation for the course. For camping registration please contact the campground directly. Mention that you are with Seon and Michaela from Packraft Europe and here for the course.

Naturfreunde Wildwasserzentrum Wildalpen
Säusenbach 8,
8924 Wildalpen AT
Tel: 0664/852 17 39


Food and meals:
You will be responsible for providing your own lunch and meals on the course, there are restaurants and a grocery shop nearby within walking distance, however it is a good idea to bring a packed lunch and some snacks to eat during the day.

Course schedule:
The course will start at 0800hrs.

What to bring:
We will be swimming a lot. Please come suitably equipped with a good wetsuit or drysuit. You will also need to suitable footwear, a whitewater helmet and a Rescue PFD with a releasable chest harness. Please also bring any throwbags and rescue equipment you use when normally out on the river. Bring you packraft, Paddle and gear to go packrafting for the day.

The IRF Whitewater Guide Assesment - (Category A) Packraft is run over two days and aims to accurately assess your abilities as a river and packraft guide on the classification of whitewater you wish to be assessed on.  

You will be assessed on:

  • Pre Departure Checks: Trip planning, Personal Group & Emergency Equipment, Emergency Procedures, Medical Considerations, Evacuation Points, Summary 
  • IRF Pre- departure safety demonstration
  • Packraft guiding skills and communication skills
  • Personal packrafting skills
  • Personal whitewater swimming skills
  • Throwbag test
  • Ropework test
  • Flip test
  • Rescue techniques for clients and gear
  • Flotilla management
  • Scenarios
  • Mock Emergency scenario
  • Written theory test


  • Current First Aid Certificate - Guide Level 2: Standard First Aid certificate (minimum course duration 8 hours, must include CPR). Guide Level 3: Advanced First Aid certificate (minimum course duration 16 hours, must include CPR). The certificate must show the dates of when the course was taken which must be no longer than 3 years old.
  • Proof of experience: A signed and stamped logbook or experience letter stating that you have the required the minimum number of logged trips on the classification of water you wish to be assessed on - Guide Level 2: 10 runs or 20 hours on class 2 water or above. Guide Level 3: 30 runs or 60 hours on class 3 water or above.
  • Confident swimmer, with experience of water-based activities (eg packrafting, rafting, canoeing, kayaking etc)
  • Experience packrafting
  • IRF Whitewater Guide - (Category A) Packraft Workshop
  • Minimum age: 18

IRF Fees:

Successful candidates are also required to pay the IRF Certification Fee (Valid 3 years):

  • Guide Level 2,3 $40.00 USD.

Course language:

Your IRF instructors for this course will be Gasper Goncz and Seon Crockford-Laserer.