WWTC Throw bag Classic 18

88.00 Inc 20% VAT

Classic 18

Construction: 8mm 18m floating rope

(available in 20m version)

core: Polypropylene/Polyester

Cover: Polypropylene

Tensile Strength: cca. 10 kN (1000kg)

Knotted Tensile Strength: cca. 7 kN (700kg)

Weight: 605g / 850g incl. waist carry system



Whitewater professionals.

– The ultimate rescue rope –

Both for swimmer and equipment rescue. Easy and quick to handle, Comfortable enough to wear it all the time.

Quick throw, fast repack.

Specially developed Waist belt and Caribiner pocket features.

Recommended for all whitewater guides, rescue teams and all recreational river users.


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