TIZip Lubricant 8gr

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Care for you Alpacka Cargo fly and keep your dry suit TIZIP waterproof. Clean and dry TIZIP first with mild soap and water, then apply a small amount to each side of the zip at 5cm increments. Run zip back and forth multiple times to spread the lube evenly. Ensure dock end (closing end) has a small amount of lube around the dock. Clean off excess with a clean rag.



Storage and transportation: For storage, long- and short term and during transportation we recommend to leave the zipper chain closed. The closed chain protects the sealing lips from dirt and damage. High humidity and temperatures over room temperature must be avoided!

Lubrication: Both ends closed TIZIP MasterSeal 10 zippers need to be lubricated on the docking end from time to time. Please use the original TIZIP lubricant or other available zipper lubricants. Carefully apply over the docking end surfaces on front, back and inside where they connect to the zipper chain. Repeat before long term storage leaving the slider closed and whenever the area is dry during use.

Cleaning: The TIZIP MasterSeal 10 is highly resistant to damage caused by dirt or sand. However if dirt or sand are present, the zipper should be cleaned with soap and water. Dirt particles can affect the sealing function if they get caught between the chain profiles. If the TIZIP MasterSeal 10 closure is used to protect life or sensitive material, the sealing function and cleanliness of the chain area should be thoroughly checked prior to every usage.


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