The Alpacka Series

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The Alpacka Raft – The One and Only

High performance, ultralight, and bombproof. Now in its 18th year of production, the Alpacka Raft Series is time tested and proven as the most trusted, most versatile, and most imitated packraft ever. With four sizes available in Open, Self Bailing, and three spray deck configurations, together with Alpacka’s innovative Cargo Fly internal gear storage system, you can customize your Alpacka Raft Series packraft for any adventure. Oh, and its available in Vectran®!


Custom Colour & Fabric Options

All Vectran custom orders are subject to fabric availability and a minimum 4-week delivery time. Please contact us prior to placing your order to determine Vectran color options and fabric weight options.

Build Configuration *

Add Cargo Fly

Backband Upgrade

Upgrade the inflatable backrest in your Alpacka Raft with our custom foam backband, which attaches to the preinstalled D-rings

Add a Bow Bag

Save $10 and keep your lunch and day gear handy with our Standard Bow Bag (12 L) or the Expedtions Bow Bag (24L)


The Alpacka Series continues the tradition of our original line-up of the Alpaca, Yak, Llama, and Mule. For 18 years running, the Alpacka Series has been the unquestioned leader of packrafting innovation, performance, and quality. From a day at your local river, to epic traverses across the most remote locations on the planet, to self supported Grand Canyon trips, the Alpacka Series is time tested and proven as the highest performance, most trusted, and most reliable packraft on earth. Its also the most customizable packraft available with four sizes, six fabric/color options, and five different build configurations to choose from, and all with the option of adding Alpacka’s innovative Cargo Fly internal gear storage system.

For the latest model, Alpacka kept the classic design but added a few tweaks to make it better than ever. They added a one-way valve that offers high pressure inflation and easy deflation with a quick turn of the valve core, two lightweight welded stainless D-rings for installing the custom foam backband, and two ultralight handles installed on the inside of the tubes for easier carrying and portaging. Alpacka also updated the Whitewater Spray Deck with a larger cockpit and deeper 1-piece coaming that matches the Whitewater Series packrafts and provides a more secure Velcro-free interface with the spray skirt. They also added a removable Whitewater Spray Deck that has the same cockpit configuration as the standard Whitewater Deck but can be removed from the boat for flatwater days via a zipper like the Cruiser Deck.

Looking for thigh straps? Alpacka does not offer thigh straps as a factory option on the Alpacka Raft series and the attachment points are no longer included on the Self Bailer configuration, but we’ve still got you covered with the Gnarwhal in the Whitewater Series which is available in Self Bailer, Whitewater Deck, and Removable Whitewater Deck Configurations – all with thigh straps factory installed.

Have an older model Alpacka Raft you’d like thigh straps in? We are now offering Alpacka’s patent pending 4-point thigh straps as kit that you can install yourself with a quality polyurethane glue.



  • Handmade in Mancos, Colorado
  • One-way valve that provides high pressure inflation and easy deflation with a quick twist of the valve core
  • Factory installed stainless D-Rings for installing the Custom Foam Backband (available for €50 upgrade)
  • 4 bow grab loops and 2 stern grab loops
  • Available in Open, Self Bailer, Cruiser Deck, Whitewater Deck, or Removable Whitewater Deck configurations
  • Optional Cargo Fly with Rolltop Internal Dry Bags (Zippered Internal Dry Bags can be purchased separately)
  • Available in 210-denier High Count Nylon, 100/200-denier Vectran®, or 400-denier Vectran®Tubes
  • 840-denier Nylon Floor
  • Includes: Seat, Inflatable Back Rest, Inflation bag, stuff sack, and basic repair kit.



  • Open – The Open configuration is the simplest and lightest full featured packraft available. Its perfect for anything where you don’t need the extra protection and performance of a spray deck or self bailer. All Open Alpacka Series models come with a standard seat and inflatable backrest which can be upgraded to Alpacka’s custom foam backband.
  • Self Bailer – The Self Bailer configuration is ideal for warmer climates, quick entry and exit, whitewater performance, and anyone that prefers a self bailing setup. Our self bailing design separates the inflatable self bailing floor into two pieces with a lightweight 3/4 length 7-inch thick seat in the rear that is protected by a sleeve and a heavier duty baffled insert in the front that keeps your feet up and out of the water.  All Self Bailer Alpacka Series models include the two piece self bailing floor and inflatable back rest which can be upgraded to the custom foam backand.
  • Cruiser Deck – The Cruiser Deck is Alpacka’s simplest and lightest deck and designed keep you drier and warmer than an open boat in whitewater, wind, and rain. The Cruiser Deck attaches along the left boat tube and up the left side of the torso with Velcro, which easily comes apart in the event of a wet-exit. An inflatable pillow sheds water and keeps water from pooling in your lap. The deck can be mostly removed when not needed, leaving only the zippered outline and a small panel in the bow. Compared with the Whitewater Decks, the Cruiser Deck is much lighter and simpler with no extra parts to keep track of, but is not nearly as dry when paddling in whitewater or taking waves over the bow. All Cruiser Deck Alpacka Series models come with the Cruiser Deck, standard seat, and an inflatable backrest which can be upgraded to the custom foam backband.
  • Whitewater Deck – The Whitewater Deck is Alpacka’s driest and warmest configuration and our recommendation for cold climates with significant whitewater and any paddler that wants to stay as dry and warm as possible. The Whitewater Deck features a large center cockpit, one-piece pex coaming, and secure Velcro free spray skirt/deck interface.  All Whitewater Deck Alpacka Series models come with the Whitewater Deck, 1-piece coaming, spray skirt, standard seat, and an inflatable backrest which can be upgraded to the custom foam backband.
  • Removable WW Deck –  The Removable Whitewater Deck features same cockpit (cockpit, coaming, and skirt) as the standard Whitewater Deck but with the increased flexibility of a water resistant perimeter zipper allowing you to convert to an open boat for more relaxing days. The Removable WW Deck is a great choice for anyone seeking more protection than the Cruiser Deck, but wants some flexibility for a broader range of paddling conditions. However, the standard Whitewater Deck is a substantially drier and warmer choice for significant whitewater paddling. All Removable Whitewater Deck Alpacka Series models come with the Removable Whitewater Deck, 1-piece coaming, spray skirt, standard seat, and an inflatable backrest which can be upgraded to the custom foam backband.
  • Cargo Fly – The Cargo Fly is the ultimate packraft gear storage solution. The three piece system utilizes an airtight and watertight zipper installed in the stern of the boat together with two gear storage dry bags which are clipped in place along the inside of the raft tubes. The system provides drier and more secure gear storage, improved paddling performance due to a lower center of gravity, quicker transitions from packrafting to hiking, and the internal dry bags act as additional balanced air chambers for increased safety (even over a two-chamber packraft) in the event of a puncture. The Cargo Fly is perfect for expeditions, whitewater performance, and keeping your gear dry in any conditions.  All Alpacka Series models with a Cargo Fly come standard with Alpacka’s Roll-Top Internal Dry Bags (you can purchase the inflatable Zippered Internal Dry Bags separately).



Standard Nylon High Count Fabrics

210-denier High Count Nylon – Alpacka’s standard packraft tube fabric is a USA woven 210-denier High Count Nylon, which is coated on one side with a highly UV resistant heavy polyurethane film developed by their USA supplier specifically for Alpacka packrafts. They only coat one side because it provides significantly higher tear strength than a double coated fabric. Made in the USA fabrics and coatings are more expensive than similar materials sourced overseas, but they provide significantly better urethane adhesion, fabric durability, and overall quality. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Multi-Color Orders – Factory Choice means that we will choose a multi-color color combination for you based on what is in stock (at no extra cost).  Custom Multi Color means that you pick the colors of your choice, subject to fabric availability and a minimum 4-week lead time. If you place a custom multi color order, please read and follow these Multi-Color Ordering instructions.  A custom order costs an additional €75.

Vectran® Fabrics

Vectran® is a high-performance multifilament yarn spun from liquid crystal polymer (LCP), which is five times stronger than steel and ten times stronger than aluminum. In a packraft, Vectran® fabrics provide exceptional tear strength and rigidity (due to its lower stretch) than comparable Nylon deniers, which results in a stiffer higher performance hull. While a Vectran® hull is much more resistant to tears than Nylon, it has a lower urethane bond strength and its higher rigidity makes it slightly more prone to punctures. Vectran® is extremely challenging to work with and Alpacka have spent years developing techniques to incorporate this advanced fabric into packraft manufacturing. Alpacka offer’s Vectran® in the following weights.

400-denier Vectran® – Alpacka’s 400-denier Vectran® is the burliest tube fabric in their packraft lineup, but its also significantly heavier and bulkier than the other fabrics. It is a great option if you are looking for the toughest boat possible where weight and bulk are not significant considerations

200-denier and 100-denier Vectran® – From 2017, Alpacka has finally been able to source a reliable supply of 200-denier and 100-denier Vectran®.  These deniers are the highest performance fabrics and provide almost the same rigidity as the 400-denier, but at a much lighter weight and bulk.  The 200-denier version is roughly the same weight and bulk as Alpacka’s 210-denier Nylon, while the 100-denier is approximately 110 to 220 grams lighter and is their most compact tube fabric. Unfortunately, these fabrics are very expensive (over double the cost of the 400-denier Vectran® and six times the cost of the Nylons) due to their very limited supply.  Alpacka is working hard to reduce the price and will pass the savings on to you as soon as they can.

Custom Ordering – All custom Vectran® orders are subject to fabric availability and a minimum 4-week lead time. Please contact us prior to your order to determine current Vectran® availability.



The Alpacka Raft Series is the original model and namesake. Alpacka founders Sheri and Thor Tingey built the original Alpacka Raft in the basement of their Chugiak, Alaska home in the fall of 2000.  Thor had just completed a 39-day 600-mile packrafting traverse of the Brooks Range. Thor fell in love with the concept of packrafting and the ability to travel light, fast, and low impact across virtually any terrain, but was disappointed in the design, durability, and quality of the boats they were using.  Sheri had been a boater and outdoor clothing designer for 35-years and was looking for a new challenge.

Their first finished Alpacka Raft, the “White Boat,” was made out of heavy white nylon with a urethane coating on one side with 12-inch diameter tubes and an upturned bow all sealed together using a hot air gun, a roller, and a lot of Aquaseal®. They only had enough of the white fabric for one boat, but they made a few more that winter out of different colors with PVC and urethane coatings. The first testing came in the summer of 2001 when Thor took the White Boat to his summer job as a fisheries biologist for Katmai National Park and made multiple descents of the Aniakchak River. Local Anchorage packrafters like Roman Dial started testing the other prototypes and everyone was thrilled with the performance and durability of the new designs. Alpacka started first production of the Alpacka Raft series the winter of 2001/2002 with two sizes, the Yukon Yak and the Denali Llama, and started selling them in the Summer of 2002.

Over the next 5 years, with Sheri running the company and pushing the design envelope, they continued to improve the designs.  In 2003, they added a third size, the smaller Alpaca, and began testing a spray skirt. The first skirts stretched over the entire boat and had an inflatable rim to keep the boat from filling as quickly in the waves, but they were dangerous in swims.  In 2004, Sheri developed a method to permanently attach the spray skirt to top of the raft which saved weight and made the skirt safer.  From 2005 to 2007, they continued to make the skirt system drier and warmer by adding various Velcro® closures to cockpit that secured around the paddlers waist. In 2007, Alpacka moved their operations out of Alaska and opened their own manufacturing facility in Mancos, Colorado where they still make every boat today.

In 2008, a group of Alaskans pushing the boundaries of whitewater packrafting started installing thigh straps in their packrafts. Thigh straps provided new levels of control and whitewater performance, but put Alpacka in a challenging position of not being able to offer thigh straps as a factory option due to the liability risks of entrapment. However, the strong community interest in a better performing whitewater packraft led Sheri to begin development of the Alpackalypse.  Although the Alpackalypse took 6 years to complete, the design ideas that came out of its development were critical to the significant improvements of the Alpacka Series during that same time.

In 2011, they modified the hull and introduced the first extended stern packraft–aka the “Big Butt”– which significantly improved the comfort and performance of the boats. Alpacka continued to extend the stern slightly over the next two years to where it is today. Almost every full size packraft on the market today has adopted this design.

In 2012, Alpacka made two major improvements to the design. First, they added the first kayak style cockpit in a packraft with their Whitewater Deck which provided an almost completely dry paddling experience.  Like the extended stern, Alpacka has continued to make small modifications to their Whitewater Deck over the years to improve durability, weight, and skirt retention in whitewater. Second they added their innovative Cargo Fly internal gear storage system, which allowed paddlers to get their pack off the bow of the packraft which significantly improved performance, handling, and gear capability. Like the extended stern, both of these innovations were developed through the Alpackalypse project.

Other than the improvements in the spray decks and stern extensions, the Alpacka Series remained largely unchanged until 2016 when they introduced our first self bailing model. Alpacka was definitely not the first to develop a self bailing packraft, but they did take a different approach from the other brands by focusing on a two piece seating system that optimized durability, lightweight, and whitewater paddling performance.

2017 represents a new level of refinement and performance from the Alpacka Series. They added 100-denier, 200-denier, and 400-denier Vectran® as custom fabric options. They also changed to a new one-way valve that offers both high pressure inflation (without a pump) and easy deflation with a quick turn of the valve core. They added lightweight stainless D-rings for attaching a custom foam backband for added comfort and control. They added ultralight handles to the inside to make carrying and portaging the boat easier than ever. Then modified the Whitewater Deck to have a larger cockpit with a deeper one piece coaming and a Velcro® free interface between the cockpit and spray skirt that offers the best spray skirt retention available in a packraft.  Alpacka even offer’s their 4-point thigh straps as a factory option in their new Whitewater Series packrafts or as a DIY installation kit for their Alpacka Series.

We don’t yet know what future design and materials advancements will bring to packrafting, but you can always be assured that Alpacka will remain 100% committed to Made in USA manufacturing quality, industry leading design and innovation, and the best materials available.

Sizing Chart

S (Alpaca) M (Yak) L (Llama) XL (Mule)
Boater Height 5’0” – 5’8” 5’7” – 6’0” 6’0” – 6’4” 6’4” – 6’8”
Exterior Length 94″ / 239cm 97″ / 246cm 102″ / 259cm 105″ / 267 cm
Exterior Width 38.5″ / 98cm 38.5″ / 98cm 38.5″ / 98cm 38.5″ / 98cm
Interior Length 44″ / 112cm 47″ / 119cm 52″ / 132cm 54″ / 137cm
Width at Hips 14.5″ / 37cm 14.5″ / 37cm 14.5″ / 37cm 14.5″ / 37cm
Width at Foot 10″ / 25.5cm 10″ / 25.5cm 10″ / 25.5cm 13″ / 33cm


S (Alpaca) M (Yak) L (Llama) XL (Mule)
Weight* Packed Size** Weight* Packed Size** Weight* Packed Size** Weight* Packed Size**
Open (OP) 5lb 4oz / 2.38kg 6″x22″   5lb 10oz / 2.55kg 6″x22″ 5lb 14oz / 2.66kg 6″x22″  6lb 3oz / 2.81kg 7″x22″
OP/CF 5lb 8oz / 2.49kg 6″x22″   5lb 14oz / 2.66kg 6″x22″ 6lb 2oz / 2.78kg 6″x22″  6lb 7oz / 2.92kg 7″x22″
Cruiser Deck (CR) 6lb 8oz / 2.95kg 7″x22″    6lb 10oz / 3.01kg 7″x22″ 7lb 0oz / 3.18kg 7″x22″  7lb 7oz / 3.37kg 8″x22″
CR/CF 6lb 12oz / 3.06kg 7″x22″   6lb 14oz / 3.12kg 7″x22″ 7lb 4oz / 3.29kg 7″x22″  7lb 11oz / 3.49kg 8″x22″
Whitewater Deck (WW) 7lb 0oz / 3.18kg 7″x22″   7lb 2oz / 3.23kg 8″x22″ 7lb 7oz / 3.37kg 8″x22″  7lb 14oz / 3.57kg 9″x22″
WW/CF 7lb 4oz / 3.29kg 7″x22″  7lb 6oz / 3.35kg 8″x22″ 7lb 11oz / 3.49kg 8″x22″  8lb 2oz / 3.69kg 9″x22″
Removable WW Deck (WR) 7lb 6oz / 3.35kg 7″x22″  7lb 8oz / 3.40kg 8″x22″ 7lb 14oz / 3.57kg 8″x22″  8lb 4oz / 3.74kg 9″x22″
WR/CF 7lb 10oz / 3.46kg 7″x22″  7lb 12oz / 3.52kg 8″x22″ 8lb 2oz / 3.69kg 8″x22″  8lb 8oz / 3.86kg 9″x22″
Self Bailer 6lb 6oz / 2.89kg 6″x22″  6lb 8oz / 2.95kg 7″x22″ 6lb 14oz / 3.12kg 7″x22″  7lb 5oz / 3.32kg 8″x22″
SB/CF 6lb 10oz / 3.01kg 6″x22″  6lb 12oz / 3.06kg 7″x22″ 7lb 2oz / 3.23kg 7″x22″  7lb 9oz / 3.43kg 8″x22″

*Weight includes all components except inflation bag, repair kit, and internal dry bags for cargo fly.
**Packed size is a reference measurement based on folding the boat in half lengthwise and rolling it up to fit in the stuff sack. There are many other methods of rolling and folding the boats that will result in a different packed size that may be more or less efficient for packing.

Additional information

SIZE - See sizing chart

Small (Alpacka), Medium (Yak), Large (Llama), XL (Mule)


Sierra Red, Cedar Green


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