New Style Valve Adapter

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Upgrade your existing inflation bag with our new style valve adapter. The adapter threads on to the male threads on 2017 and newer one way valves. The threaded style is easier to keep in place and allows the valve to be closed during the inflation process. It can also be reversed to fit our 2016 and earlier style valves.

Installation instructions are provided below.

Note – This adapter is included standard in all inflation bags shipped after 4/1/18.

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Upgrade your inflation bag with our new style valve adapter that threads on to the outer male threads of the 2017 and later one-way valves. The new valve adapter is easier to keep in place (no more having the adapter disconnect if you accidentally back-twist the bag during inflation) and allows you to keep the valve in closed position during inflation. With practice, you can inflate to nearly full pressure with just the inflation bag. The inflation bag can also be turned inside out and used with our 2016 and earlier threaded dump valves.


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