Ex Demo Astral Willis 515 PFD Size L/XL

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Only used a handful of times grab a great deal on a new condition 2018 Ex Demo Astral Willis 515 PFD, Size L/XL, color Cherry Red with free shipping.

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The Astral Willis 515 combines the best available range of motion with sleek storage pockets and hydration capability. It makes a perfect light weight packrafting PFD.

Buoyancy = 60N. (Newtons)

Note: Do not use your PFD as a pillow, mattress or a seat, doing so will compress the foam and reduce the buoyancy of your PFD.

Although built for freestyle and racing, the Astral Willis 515 makes an ideal packrafting PFD. It is relatively lightweight at only 660grams but still provides ample flotation and a usable set of features: A low profile front pocket, so you can still store a knife or an essential energy bar for emergencies. In the Summer months the HydroVent inner back helps to lower your body temperature, while fleece-lined hand warmer pockets keep you feeling toasty in the Winter.

With 60N (Newtons) of buoyancy it is a good choice for up to class III whitewater and lower flow rivers. For class III and above or high volume rivers where more buoyancy is needed check out the Astral Blue Jacket or Astral’s Green Rescue Jacket which both have 70N (Newtons) of buoyancy.


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