Alpackalypse – The Original Whitewater Packraft

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A new generation patent-pending hull design combined with Alpacka’s latest innovations in seating and thigh straps makes the Alpackalypse ready for probing backcountry first descents, surfing on play waves, and hitting the local test pieces when you are traveling light.

For 2018, the Alpackalypse is now cut to order in a single 400-denier Vectran® color of your choice, or you can upgrade to multi-color!  Make sure to provide your color selections in your order notes.

Note – Sizing is slightly different from the Gnarwhal and Alpacka Series. Please consult the sizing chart below for details.


Add a Bow Bag

Save €10 and keep your lunch and day gear handy with our waterproof bow bag.

Multi Color Upgrade

Build your Alpackalypse in multi-color 400-denier Vectran®


The Alpackalypse features a 10-inch diameter 400-denier Vectran® rockered hull design with Alpacka’s exclusive patent-pending high volume stern and is kitted out with an updated inflatable backband, a 3/4 length inflatable seat and an inflatable footrest, and the ultra-light patent-pending 4-point thigh straps. The result is a hard charging, lightning quick river runner that’s ready for anything from punching holes, surfing on play waves, or charging down tight twisting drops.

While the Gnarwhal shines at providing outstanding predictability, stability and forgiveness in whitewater, the Alpackalypse brings a more playful ride that allows a skilled boater to surf and carve through a rapid. In kayak language, the Alpackalypse is a classic river runner with a playful side while the Gnarwhal is the high volume creeker of the packraft world.

The Alpackalypse comes standard with a whitewater spray deck, Cargo Fly internal gear storage system and 400-denier Vectran®, whitewater seating system, Alpackalypse inflatable backband, and 4-point thigh straps.



  • Handmade in Mancos, Colorado
  • New one-way valve that provides high pressure inflation and easy deflation with a quick twist of the valve core
  • New patent-pending high volume stern design improves predictability and flotation
  • 400d Ripstop Vectran® Snakeprint Tubes
  • 840d nylon floor with extended stern coverage
  • 4 bow grab loops and 2 stern grab loops
  • Cargo Fly with Zippered Internal Dry Bags (Roll Top Dry Bags available on request).
  • Inflatable Backband and patent-pending 4-Point Thigh Straps standard
  • Includes: Inflation bag, stuff sack, and repair kit.



In 2008, a group of Alaskan packrafters began installing thigh straps in their packrafts to give them more control in difficult whitewater. The performance improvements were undeniable and many people began self-installing thigh straps, but Alpacka faced a challenging position of not being able to offer them as a factory option due to liability concerns of entrapment. However, the strong community interest in a better performing whitewater packraft led Sheri to begin development of the Alpackalypse.

Over the next six years, Alpacka designed built and tested dozens of variations with prototype names like the Witchcraft, the Diva, and the Orca. They tested things like metal frames, plastic knee braces, cross straps with inflatable supports, plastic skid plates, and many more. Like any ambitious design project, many of these ideas failed spectacularly and some were even dangerous, but some turned out to be winners and others had benefits that we hadn’t anticipated. In fact, almost every significant innovation in packrafting between 2008 and 2014 came out of the Alpackalypse design project, including the first extended stern packraft which provided a new level of stability and handling, the first whitewater spray deck which dramatically improved dryness and warmth, and the Cargo Fly system which allowed internal gear storage and optimized stability.

In 2014, Alpacka finally introduced the Alpackalypse with a lower volume 10-inch rockered hull, an inflatable backband to keep the paddler locked in place for combat rolling, an adjustable foot brace, and 4-point adjustable knee cups that provided unparalleled levels of control and performance in a packraft. Kayakers in particular loved the way the Alpackalypse handled.

The 2017 Alpackalypse is the next generation of the Alpackalypse design. Alpacka took what paddlers loved about the first generation with its precise and playful handling and 10-inch tube design and made it lighter, simpler, and more comfortable with their latest designs in seating, thigh straps, and hull design. The new seating system is derived from their self bailer with a 3/4 length inflatable seat which inserts into a protective sleeve and an inflatable footrest that provides a stiffer floor for better handling and surfing, and a super comfortable sitting position optimized for whitewater. The new patent-pending 4-point thigh straps were also brought over from the self bailer, but those straps were actually designed as a simpler and more comfortable version of the original Alpackalypse knee cups. Finally, the new patent-pending high volume stern design was adapted from Alpacka’s new 12-inch tube Gnarwhal whitewater packraft. This new stern offers better predictability, stability and flotation than a standard extended stern packraft which makes it ideal for staying on top of bigger whitewater and carrying a heavier load.

Small Medium Large Extra Large
Paddler Inseam* <29″ 28″-31″ 31″-34″ 34″+
Exterior Length 87” / 221cm 90” / 229cm 93” / 236cm 96” / 244cm
Exterior Width 35” / 89cm 35” / 89cm 35” / 89cm 35” / 89cm
Interior Length 42” / 107cm 45” / 114.3cm 48” / 122cm 51” / 129.5cm
Width at Hips 16.25” / 41cm 16.25” / 41cm 16.25” / 41cm 16.25” / 41cm
Width at Foot Brace 11.25” / 28.5cm 11.25” / 28.5cm 11.25” / 28.5cm 11.25” / 28.5cm
Weight**  10lb 3oz / 4.62kg  10lb 8oz / 4.76kg  10lb 13oz / 4.90kg  11lb 2oz / 5.05kg
Packed Size 11” x 22” 11” x 22” 11” x 22” 11” x 22”

*The Alpackalypse fit does not correspond to the Alpacka Series. It is fit to the paddler’s inseam as the sizing is based on the effective cockpit length. Proper fit is based on achieving sufficient knee bend between the backband and the foot brace to fully engage the thigh straps.  If you are on the border of sizing, please contact us to discuss fit.

** Weight includes all components except inflation bag, repair kit, and internal dry bags for cargo fly.

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SIZE - See sizing chart below

Short, Medium, Long, Extra Long


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