VE Paddles are the highest quality, and among the most durable (glass creeker) paddles we have ever used.  They are lightweight, strong, and provide the highest levels of performance.

Werner Sherpa needs no introduction, renowned the world over for quality, performance and durability.

TNP makes quality, lightweight and durable paddles at an affordable price.

Contact us for personalized advice on paddle choice and length.

  • Aqua-Bound Shred Apart Carbon Paddle

    280.80 Inc 20% VAT
  • Aquabound Manta Ray Packraft Paddle

    Aquabound Manta Ray Hybrid 4-Piece Paddle – 210cm

    162.00 Inc 20% VAT
  • TNP Rapa

    149.00 Inc 20% VAT
  • TNP Rapa Carbon

    235.00 Inc 20% VAT
  • VE lightweight performance paddle for packrafting

    VE Creeker Aircore Carbon Blades on a Straight Black Glass Shaft

    360.00395.00 Inc 20% VAT
  • VE Creeker Glass Paddle, Glass shaft

    VE Creeker Glass Blades on a Straight Black Glass Shaft

    350.00 Inc 20% VAT
  • Werner Sherpa 4 Piece

    324.00 Inc 20% VAT