Whitewater PFDs offer more flotation and protection than touring PFDs. For anything above class 1, A whitewater specific PFD is ESSENTIAL equipment. In the quest for lighter pack weight do not compromise your safety with an inappropriate PFD. The Willis 515 offers an ideal balance between weight, buoyancy and functionality. The Blue Jacket is for those who need a bit more whitewater burliness and functionality, while the Green Jacket is Astral’s dedicated Whitewater Rescue Jacket.

Note: Do not use your PFD as a pillow, mattress or a seat, doing so will compress the foam and reduce the buoyancy of your PFD.

  • Astral Blue Jacket White Water PFD

    230.00 Inc 20% VAT
  • Astral Green Jacket White Water Rescue PFD

  • Astral Quick Release Rescue Belt

    35.00 Inc 20% VAT
  • Astral Willis 515 White Water / Tour PFD

    144.00 Inc 20% VAT