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WEST GREENLAND EXPEDITION 15th August - 2nd Sept 2021

2850€ + Travel & Expenses. Min 4 Person / Max 8 Person.

The 2021 West Greenland Expedition is a collaboration between renowned adventurer and explorer Gabriel Gersch (Owner of www.outventurous.com) and Seon Crockford-Laserer (Founder & Owner of Packraft Europe).

The original route and logistics planning for this unique packrafting expedition were done by Gabriel. When Gabriel realised he was unable to guide the expedition himself due to the expectance of his newbord child he started looking for experienced and qualified guides who were capable of leading a team for 17 days on a wilderness packrafting adventure through the remarkable fjiords and icebergs of West Greenland. Seon Crockford-Laserer a good friend of Gabriels and who is also an experienced Packraft Expedition Guide, Rescue 3 Whitewater Rescue Instructor, IRF Packraft Guide Instructor Trainer and Yacht Captain was the clear choice. 

Working together to finalise the route planning and logistics Seon and Gabriel have combined both of their talents, skills and experience to create a truly remarkable expedition exploring the pristine Fjords, and wilderness of West Greenland.

The trip starts and ends in Copenhagen and over the course of 19 days (17 days in Wilderness) the expedition group led by Seon will hike, paddle, and exlpore one of the most impressive landscapes on the planet.

The majority of the route will be covered on foot, and the packrafts used for Fjord crossings. Packrafts make traveling through Greenland a lot more flexible, and as an added bonus it is also a very unique experience to paddle between icebergs and give the legs and shoulders a break from carrying the packs.

This journey will start with a private water taxi ride from Ilulissat to the abandoned settlement of Ataa, a place that was last inhabited in the sixties. From there we will walk and paddle towards the ice cap and continuously watch calving glaciers and floating icebergs in the sea. Through the mountains and in between countless lakes we will make our way south all the way to Ilulissat, where we will finally stand at its enormous icefjord, fed by one of the world’s most active glaciers. A food cache will be prearranged for the roughly the middle of the trip so we save a little weight and only have to carry 8-9 days of food at a time.

Instructor / Guide:

Seon Crockford-Laserer (owner of Packraft Europe). Seon has many years experience as an expedition leader and outdoor guide, and holds the following certifications: IRF Inline Raft Guide (Packraft) Instructor / Rescue 3 Whitewater Rescue Instructor / NOLS, Wilderness First Responder / 200GT Commercial Yacht Captain.

English will be the spoken language during the expedition.


    • Be physically fit and able to carry up to 25kg backpack for up to 6 hrs of hiking per day for multiple days.
    • Confident swimmer, while we dont plan on swimming it is necessary that everyone can swim in the unlikely event of a capsize.
    • Multi day camping and hiking experience.
    • Commitment and emotional stability: This is a challenging and demanding endeavor that requires a high level of dedication, effort and mental strength. Challenges and difficulties are likely to occur, we then need to pull ourselves together and stay focused. At times of extreme pressure it’s essential that all team members stay calm and optimistic – they have to be committed enough to embrace the challenge and tolerate the stress that comes with it.
    • Equipment: You don’t only need good gear, you also need to be familiar with it. We will help you choose and get to know the right equipment, but ultimately it’s your responsibility to bring all the items and understand how to use them.
    • Insurance (including Medical Evacuation): You will need insurance to cover your costs in the unlikely scenario of an evacuation or health issue.

    All candidates will be interviewed prior to being approved for this expedition. Priority is given to those who have been on a course or expedition previously with Gabriel Gersch or Seon Crockford-Laserer. 


    • 19 days, 18 nights


    • Wilderness camping


        • Expedition Guiding: Seon will make sure our journey runs as safely and smoothly as possible and that we will make good decisions despite all challenges. Certain adjustments might be necessary during our trip, as that’s the nature of wilderness travel.
        • Permits and local help: Guide will organize local assistance and take care of any special permits required for certain regions. The costs will be shared by all team members.
        • Satellite communications: Guide will be carrying Garmin Inreach Mini for use in case of emergency, daily check in, weather updates and to notify Packraft Europe HQ of route changes.
        • Trip Preparation and advice: Step by step guidance for all team members through their personal preparation, including:
          • Choice of equipment (some of which I can be rented from Packraft Europe)
          • Physical preparation and training
          • Personalised pre expedition planning
          • Assistance if required in selecting flights and insurance.

          NOT included:

          • Flights or any associated travel costs.
          • Insurance costs.
          • Alcohol or drinks purchased during the expedition.
          • Snacks or extra food or any extras purchased during or for the trip.
          • Food, provisions, supplies needed.
          • Personal gear or packrafting equipment. (Can be rented or purchased from Packraft Europe).

          Personal Gear:

          • Participants to bring there own cooking, camping and hiking equipment.

          Packrafting / Gear rental:

          • Can be pre-arranged.


          To gain a better understanding of the challenges and rewards involved in this expedition watch the below video from some of Gabriels previous adventures in Greenland.