Balkan RIvers Tour Save our Rivers



Do you enjoy paddling wild and free rivers, flowing with cold, clear water so clean you can simply take a handful and drink?  So do we.

Unfortunately here in Europe there are very few truly wild and free flowing rivers that remain. Most have had their natural ecology destroyed, by dams, canals, development and pollution. Some of you will say but we need renewable electricity, and we agree we need to get off of fossil fuels as soon as we can. But at what cost?

We quickly forget that our planet provides services to us freely on a daily basis. Our very existence depends on the ability of our planet earth to continually renew and grow and in doing so provide us with the air we breath, the water we drink, the food we eat, and the resources that sustain our lives. Shouldn't there be something that we don't destroy.





The American "Wild and Scenic Rivers Act" was first introduced in 1968 and as of August 2018, the system protects over 20,000 kilometers of 209 rivers in the USA.

Why cant we create something similar in Europe?

More info coming soon on how you can help create European wide protection for our rivers. 



Run Wild Run Free: 50 years of Wild and Scenic Rivers : Official Trailer from Pacific Rivers on Vimeo.