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RTS - Alpacka Tango - 2 Person Kayak Packraft

RTS - Alpacka Tango - 2 Person Kayak Packraft

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The Tango is a full-sized, two-person kayak style packraft for speed and comfort on lakes, coastal areas, and rivers up to class II. Its Alpacka's fastest tandem model and features a low profile hull with a full length inflatable floor. The rear paddler sits on a lace in seat and has an inflatable backrest for support. The front paddler has an inflatable seat and backrest. Both paddlers have ample leg room for kayak style paddling.

Due to the lower volume tubes and to maximize speed, the Tango is not available in a self bailing configuration. So its great for flat water rivers and protected lakes and coastal areas, but not recommended for significant whitewater. Its ideal for two adults or paddling with an older child who can do their own paddling and wants to stretch out their legs. The extra speed also makes it an ideal adventure racing packraft. We prefer the Ranger and Forager for families with dogs and small children.

Due to the seating configuration, the Tango is best paddled tandem kayak style. 

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- 2 person paddle touring
- Flat water paddling, coastal, lakes and easy river tours
- Easy whitewater tours (up to class 2)
- Exploration, micro adventures
- Expeditions, adventure races, geocaching for 2 persons
- Great family packraft for fun at the lake, sea and on the river


MANUFACTURING: Made in Mancos, Colorado


VALVE: Temper assist valve for inflation and deflation

ATTACHMENTS: 4 bow grab loops, 4 stern grab loops, 2 backrest strap plates, 4 front seat attachments

SEATING & RIGGING: Lace in rear seat and inflatable back rest, and inflatable front seat


CARGO FLY: Standard (Internal Dry Bags sold separately)

MATERIALS: Proprietary 210-denier nylon hull and 840-denier ballistic nylon floor (Made in USA)

INCLUDES: Inflation Bag, Stuff Sack, Basic Repair Kit, T Zip lube is included with boats that come with a Cargo Fly


OPEN: The Tango is only available in an open configuration with full length inflatable floor. It is not self bailing.

CARGO FLY: Alpacka's innovative Cargo Fly internal storage system comes standard on the Tango. The Cargo Fly features an airtight zipper installed in the stern of the boat to allow you to store your gear inside the tubes. The system provides drier and more secure gear storage and improved paddling performance due to a lower center of gravity.

Internal Dry Bags may be purchased separately and are designed to work with the Cargo Fly system. The bags slip inside the Cargo Fly zipper and can be organised along the inside of the tubes to balance the load. The Tango has internal attachments to clip the dry bags in place. The Tango is sized for our standard size internal dry bags. The XL dry bags are too large. We recommend 1-2 sets of bags for the Tango.