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EX DEMO -14% X42 210D Arctic Blue, Open, No Cargo Fly+ Front Passenger Back Band

EX DEMO -14% X42 210D Arctic Blue, Open, No Cargo Fly+ Front Passenger Back Band

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EX-DEMO -14% This packraft is near new and has only been used a handfull of times and has some very small  cosmetic scuffs on the hull. Current model, fully functional and covered by warranty. Is complete.

Alpacka's lightest and most compact 2 person packraft, the Explorer 42 is the perfect all round boat. Versatile enough to paddle on your own but with enough space for extra gear or to bring your partner, kids, dog on your next packrafting trip.

Originally designed by Alpacka for the Alpacka family and staff needs (many of them dog owners themselves). The design of the Explorer 42 enables it to be paddled solo with enough space in the front to bring your four legged friend or another person. It can also be paddled by two smaller adults looking to save weight and bulk on long traverses and adventure races.  

The Alpacka Explorer 42 really shines as a lightweight versatile packraft for flat water touring, exploring easy rivers and lakes and just sharing the joy of packrafting with your family and friends.

The Explorer 42 is built with Alpacka's 11.7-inch diameter Cargo Hull, which is easier to paddle for one person than the larger diameter Cargo Hulls in the Oryx and Forager. The Cargo Hull features Alpacka's centre panel stern and late rise bow, which maximize stability, buoyancy, leg room, and cargo capacity.

The Alpacka Explorer 42 seating system allows the rear paddler to slot their feet on either side of the seat for better control while the front paddler sits on the forward third of the seat. A backband can also be added for the front paddler.

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