K-Pump Mini with Custom Alpacka Valve Adapter


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K-Pump Mini with Custom Alpacka Valve Adapter on tilattu erikseen. Lähetämme tämän eri lähetyksessä 10-15 päivän kuluessa.

The K-Pump Mini is a high pressure top-off pump, ideal for Whitewater and Tandem Series models, it is also a great alternative to blowing up your raft by mouth, or if yu need to share packrafts with someone else. Its great for sidecountry and traditional river trips, as well as backcountry packraft trips with a large group of people where you can bring one K-Pump for the whole group. The pump includes custom valve adapter that threads onto the outside of your Alpacka Raft valve just like your inflation bag.

  • Made in USA. Designed by an Oregon family of fishermen and whitewater boaters and assembled at a workshop facility for people with developmental disabilities.
  • Specs: 38cm x 8cm.  500grams
  • WARNING: If you overpressure your packraft either by pump or by leaving the boat in the sun when fully pressurized, you can quickly damage your boat. We recommend not exceeding 2.5 psi at any time.