Shipping & Delivery

How long will it take for my order to ship ?

  • All our packrafts are custom made to order by Alpacka in the USA. During peak season (April to July), it can take up to 8 weeks for a new packraft to be built and shipped. Please contact us for the current delivery time.

Will I get my boat faster if I order it directly from Alpacka USA ?

  • Usually not. Alpacka builds packrafts as they receive the orders, so the build time is the same, however Packraft Europe has a specific customs account and a streamlined import and customs clearance process. This means we get your order to you quicker and you avoid any potential delays with customs.

Why are Alpacka Packrafts ordered from Packraft Europe made to order ?

  • Alpacka USA makes over 400 possible configurations for packrafts. These consist of different models, sizes, colours, build options etc. We believe in making all of these options available to our customers.

How much is Shipping ?

  • Alpacka packrafts are made to order in, and ship from the USA. We charge a flat rate of *€90 for shipping for all Alpacka packraft orders (Includes international and domestic EU shipping costs).
  • Hyperlite Mountain Gear products are made to order in, and ship from the USA. We charge a flat rate of *€45 for shipping for all Hyperlite Mountain Gear orders (Includes international and domestic EU shipping costs).
  • Paddles, PFD’s, & safety orders are charged at a flat rate of *€20.
  • *You only get charged once for shipping (so if you order a packraft, a HMG pack, a PFD and a paddle you only get charged the shipping for the packraft).

Which countries do you ship to ?

  • We ship to all countries within the European Union.

However if you live in the following countries we recommend you contact your local Alpacka dealer :

Is Packraft Europe an official Alpacka dealer ?

  • Yes, we are the official Alpacka dealer for the European Union.

What is the difference between ordering with Packraft Europe or directly with Alpacka ? 

  • If you order through Packraft Europe your total price at the checkout is your final price. We will handle all import duties, VAT payment and customs clearance for you. You also get customer service within European business hours and in local European languages.
  • When you order directly from Alpacka your are responsible for all import duties, VAT payment (up to 27%, varies depending on country), customs fees and customs clearance (you can get delays).

How is pricing calculated ?

  • Alpacka packrafts ordered with Packraft Europe are priced to be the exact same price as if you were to order directly from Alpacka USA.
  • To do this we take the current USD retail price for an Alpacka packraft, and exchange it to Euro (currency exchange rate is updated when it fluctuates more than 1%). We then add import duties and VAT (Austrian VAT =20%). This gives us the Euro equivalent to Alpacka USA.

I can see a product on the Alpacka USA / Hyperlite Mountain Gear websites that is not listed on the Packraft Europe site. Can I still order this from Packraft Europe ?

  • Yes, please send us an email or give us a call and we will add the product to our website as soon as possible.

What is a Packraft ?

  • A packraft is an inflatable water craft (similar to a kayak) that can be packed down to a small compact size (about the same as a two person tent) and can fit inside a backpack. They are lightweight (1.5 to 4.5 kg) and depending on the model and manufacturer are very durable and whitewater capable.

What equipment is needed to safely go packrafting ?

  • For lakes and slow moving water (no whitewater) only a packraft, a paddle and a PFD (Personal Flotation Device) is required.
  • For moving water, and whitewater, a packraft, paddle, PFD (Personal Flotation Device) and a helmet is required for safe use. For use on whitewater we strongly recommend only the use of proper Whitewater designed PFDs and Helmets.
  • We strongly recommend all whitewater paddlers to undertake whitewater rescue training. (Rescue 3 Europe is the recognized European standard for rescue training)